Drive Shake Inquiry expands new competitive social concept to downtown Houston

Dallas –Business Wire) – Drive Shack Inc., the owner and operator of golf related entertainment and recreation businesses. Houston Rice Military Camp.

Located in Sawyer Yard, one of Houston’s hottest arts and entertainment districts, the two-storey, 23,000-square-foot Put Tater, with four nine-course courses, several bars and rotating DJs, only shows adults.

This year we are launching Terry Territory for our second Texas market and the fifth market nationwide this year for Drive Shack Inc. Growth has played a major role. “Houston is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country, so it makes perfect sense to bring this exciting new competitive social network to the market’s most popular destinations.

The Put Tetery Recipe Team has created an excellent menu featuring creative dishes and crafts cocktails selected by creative professionals and ghost specialists. Saving a modern spinner, terry terrier combines a lively, efficient environment for immersive guest experience with state-of-the-art automotive technology and theme courses.

This is not your usual night on a mini golf course. “Terry Tester provides a unique experience for Houston and Gov visitors,” Kuhu said. “We look forward to bringing Terry Territory to the region and preparing it for future strategic and rapid development.

In addition to Houston, Putter sites are under construction in Dallas. Charlotte, NC; Washington DC; And Miami.

About Puttery

As guests move from one course to the next, the game is a modern spin-off with a floating experience and new automated scoring technology. Guests can enjoy and enjoy the evening before, after and after the theater, with an enormous mix of culinary delicacies and creative handmade cocktails centered around the great music bar.

About Drive Shack Inc.

Drive Shack Inc. Today, our portfolio includes American Golf, Drive Shake and Put Trit.

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