Drive Shack Inc. In mid-December, he announced the grand opening of the Pottery Charlotte

Dallas – (Business Wire–Drive Shack Inc. (DSI) (NYSE: DS), CEO and operator of golf-related entertainment and entertainment businesses, announced today that Puther Charlotte will be open to the public at 12 pm EST. Friday, December 17.

“We are looking forward to opening our second place in Charlotte, following The Colony’s successful first game against The Colony, Texas.” ”Charlotte is known for her amazing nightlife and cooking. From competitive socializing to culinary options and creative cocktails ፑ Poetry Charlotte offers everything you need to have a good time.

In a state-of-the-art environment, Putter combines innovative technology with a high-powered, adult-only atmosphere. ፑ Poetry Charlotte 15,000 square feet of entertainment, two unique themed golf courses, two bars, indoor / outdoor balcony experience and plenty of lounge and seating throughout the bright South & Neighborhood, just downtown. Guests will experience the same experience when choosing between two technology-enabled nine-hole courses.

  • Conservatory -Connect with nature as you go through this lush but challenging nine-hole desert course. Pick up huge red sticks, pinched khati and beautiful cherry blossoms. All with drinks in their hands, of course.
  • Library -There is nothing out of the book about this exciting nine-hole course. Browse the shelves, rotate the globe, say “hi” to the Dimeterrodon and beat the pants on your friends.

ፑ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሊሆን ሊሆን ሊሆን ሊሆን ሊሆን ሊሆን የተለየ ሊሆን ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሎት ፑ ፑ ሎት ሪ ሎት ሎት ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ”When you walk in our door, you feel really transported, and I know that with so many different entertainment options, it could be a destination for Charlotte neighborhoods and visitors.

ፑ Charlie Charlotte is on 210 Rampart Street. Hours vary from 12 noon to 2 pm. Charlottes can buy tickets here and call us at NYE at the Pute. Packages start at $ 50 / person and more information about the holidays can be found on the ticket website. At private events, dedicated event staff and stylish salons, guests can start booking and booking events to plan their final visit.

About Putter

ፑ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ ሪ Combine plenty of sophisticated culinary delicacies and creative cocktails with a lively, lively bar area filled with vibrant music, guests relax and enjoy their evening before, during and after the game. Places under construction include Washington, DC, Miami, Houston and Philadelphia. For more information on Puttery, please visit

About Drive Shack Inc.

Drive Shack Inc. (NYSE: DS) The owner and operator of golf-related recreational and entertainment businesses is focused on bringing people together through competitive social media. Today, our portfolio includes American Golf, Drive Shack and Puttery.

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