DRDO will jointly launch Amit University Defense Technology Course

NEW DELHI – The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has completed a special defense technology course with Amit University to enhance the human resource pool in the sector and build talent for startups.

India needs to develop its ecology for defense research and has launched several programs to fund startups. After completing this program, students can make their own R&D start (as well). The goal is to fight the next war with our weapons, ”said HB Srivastava, director general of technology management at R&D.

The two organizations are jointly launching the program.

India is striving to increase its confidence in defense technology, including missiles, fighter jets, drones, naval systems, armored vehicles, radar, Sonar, high-powered equipment and guided energy systems, etc.

In addition to R&D efforts, production in the defense sector is growing by announcing two separate corridors in Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The government’s call for self-reliance in the defense sector requires a large number of senior engineers and technologists, the organizations said.

The program focuses on six specialized courses – combat vehicle engineering, aerospace technology, communication systems and sensors, advanced energy technology, naval technology and director energy technology.

The course provides opportunities for DRDO laboratories, defense PSUs, and private industries to create work-ready defense technology professionals.

Ashok K. Chahan, founder of Amit Education Group, announced the “50% Scholarship Program for All Students on the M.Tech Defense Technology” Program on All Amtech Campuses.

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