DRDO, AMIT University launches MTech in Defense Technology

Amit University in Defense Technology has launched the MTech program with the Defense Research and Development Agency (DRDO) and the Indian Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

The Postgraduate (PG) program covers theoretical knowledge, practice skills, and abilities in a variety of defense technologies in the areas of research, design and development, production, life cycle equipment, entrepreneurship (initial defense), counseling and consulting. Roles in the field. “The expanded supply is designed to meet market demand with specialized technical and engineering leadership skills,” said Amiti University.

The program focuses on six distinct disciplines – combat vehicle engineering, aviation technology, communication systems and sensors, advanced energy technology, naval technology, and guided energy technology with a unique specialization option.

The course provides opportunities for small and large projects in DRDO laboratories, defense PSUs, and the private sector to create defense technology professionals.

In addition, 50 percent scholarships have been announced for all AMT students enrolled in the program.

According to Dr. de Selvamurti, President of the Amit Science, Technology and Innovation Foundation (ASTIF), “This course is for students who have successfully completed BTech in the field of engineering and technology and to look for the next steps to choose. A master program that shapes their career path.

The course includes a new special program to develop multidisciplinary education and research courses tailored to current and future industry needs, Silmamerti added.

Speaking to the students, DRDO said, “The beginning of this program is to generate wealth for the country. All rich countries have rich defense ecosystems and the Indian government By 2025, it wants to create $ 5 billion worth of defense equipment. To achieve this, we need to increase productivity and productivity from day one, and therefore reduce incubation time. India needs to develop its ecology for defense research and has launched several programs to fund startups. After completing this program, students will be able to start their own R&D, with the goal of fighting the next war with our weapons. ”

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