DoubleT K9 Training promotes the dog education community

STANWOOD – Bringing dog and owner together with positivity is the focus of training with professional trainer Tanya Tarry in her courses.

Tari is the owner of DoubleT K9 Training, which provides boarding and basic obedience training for all types of dogs.

She has worked with various trainers in private lessons, group classes, agility and herding with her own dogs.

DoubleT K9 Training was founded in 2019 after she quit her job to spend more time with her children.

Ahe and her husband moved from Colorado to Michigan in 2021 and opened the business in late 2022.

Tari said she started training before she reached puberty.

“Growing up, I always wanted to walk the dog and take the dog out,” Tarry said. I started training as a teenager, got a couple of rescue type dogs, and we did basic obedience work. I was interested in training dogs.

In college, Tari met a blue heeler dog and joined several classes to improve his obedience and tricking skills.

She later met two Australian Shepherd dogs on the street and became more involved in sports training and trick-or-treating.

“It kind of got out of control. Now I have five,” Tari said. As such, it took off from there. “

In DoubleT K9 training, staff will focus on techniques to help calm the animal while learning.

Tari believes that gentle emotions produce positive energy for owner and dog when trained together.

“If we can change the mindset of a lot of dogs who have behavior problems with aggression, that’s great,” Tarry said. “If guests are jumping around with too much excitement, we find it’s best to just let them calm down and explore their environment and situation. They tend to grow and train faster by focusing on their owners.”

Creating a strong bond between animals and owners is a critical aspect of the courses’ success for DouT K9 training clients.

Trying different methods with dogs that don’t respond to initial methods can be a challenging part of the job, Tarry says.

Watching dogs progress and thrive in her courses is one of Tari’s favorite aspects of her job.

“One of the things I relate to most about working with other dog trainers is that we all root for each other,” says Tari. Or when we marry into a situation where there are no dogs (before) thriving and doing well. These are the situations that highlight the day.

“I want people to know that we’re going to be honest about your dog,” Tari said. “We want you to trust us with our expertise, and if not, we’ll help you find a qualified trainer. We know our limitations in dog training, and we’re willing to use that to help you with your dog.”

Moving forward, Tari plans to expand her boarding capacity by acquiring a new location for her clients and building a full kennel.

Construction is set to begin on a new building project in the spring and Tari hopes to accommodate more dogs throughout the year.

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