“Donut” worries only Monday!

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Donut! It’s about sweet treats that will help us wake up this morning! Casper unfortunately does not have an A Dunkin, However, he has Daylight Donut And a Bread Other places to get fresh baked donuts! Go out there and find out Snack of the day. “Donut” You Think it will do well for some But lawyers? (Hey hope this brings you a little smile today)!

See what happens The wind has been blowing since the weekend – Read the story Art Show From the weekend, Get all the details about the list Cruel people who come to Caspar to dance with the Casper stars, And see how The bridal path has been reopened (woot!).

Casper must see a High 79 degrees F In many suns today. That Windy Coming from SW 10 to 20 miles.

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Weekend Goal

Wisdom! Wisdom! Wisdom! Casper is celebrating again!

This weekend tIt is the Nikolaison Museum of Art He held open invitations for an exhibition honoring the delayed border breach Larry “CC” Goodwin. Listen to what the locals think about this art and the artist!

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Cunners are getting ready for their big performance!

Dancing with the Casper stars They are making their spice Evil deeds For the big event taking place in Ford Wyoming Center October 23! Who is yours? Favorite villain? You will probably see them on this one Exciting event!

Check out the story here!

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The Bridle Trail is open

Last week we were He was upset to hear That Bridal Trail Closed. But don’t worry, the closure just lasted Five days. Reopens Friday! Aren’t we all happy to have it? Go back to the trails Before the first snow?

Check out the story here!

Windy job details

Casper / Natrona County International Airport Electric

Casper / Natnarona County International Airport a Full-time electrician. Work includes housing and Business Improvement, Airport Maintenance, HVV Repair, Electricity, Engine Repair, and any general maintenance obligations. This is Jack’s job for all professions!

account manager

Eric Brinkerhoff A is looking for Full-time account manager To the relevant local government insurance office Customer-focused, interest-based evaluation processes To educate and establish clients about insurance options and work with the agent Meeting marketing goals.

Senior Tax Accountant

Real oil LLC A needs full time Responsible senior tax accountant Help in a timely and accurate manner Federal, state and Local tax Returns to comply with the requirements for various real companies and individuals Various tax authorities

Network Specialist

St. Anthony Tri-Parish Catholic School b Year-round, full-time network specialist Who gives Control, management and support For the network and other technical systems. The successful candidate can be significantly reduced Technical delay, And keep the school up-to-date with technology.

Marketing Manager

Wyoming Food requires an idea project A Part-time marketing manager. All farmers’ markets are responsible for managing and managing Wyoming Food for Ideas Project – in particular Mobile Market, Winter Market and Online Market. The market manager directly b CEO And the Director of Horticulture And he works closely with all the staff!

Program Coordinator

Wyoming Food for Idea Project He wants full time The program coordinator reports directly to the executive director, and is responsible for such programs Food bags, Summer children’s activities, Community engagement events I mean like community dinner, etc. Who doesn’t want to be a part of helping the community?

Wholesale Equipment Operator

Looking for Rock Hard Cement a full time Fraudulent and wholesale equipment operator Maintain equipment and assist the operator in daily activities. Safe and workable when called upon, and most importantly a Team player Who cares about Rock Hard Cement Vision!

See more job details (and learn how to post your job vacancies on the Oil City job board) over here!

Take a look at the latest Brazi events this week in our personalized community calendar! This week we got it NSC Home 125th Anniversary, Burning Bridges, Pumpkin Festival, Exhibition Derby and Massive Craft Show! Check out those events here!

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Donuts are worried about something!

I wish you the best of luck Brezie Gals,
Tyler and Kelly

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