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Paws and Boots, part of the outdoor adventure of dogs and their owners, recently launched Glen Austin’s Country Dog Park on November 20.

The park, owned by Heather Whitfield Veterinary Physiotherapy and Dog Training School, also had several vendors selling food in the country market.
Whitfield: “The park is safe, with 3 km, 5 km and 10 km of natural roads. On the day of the graduation, we had a dog with some 300 dogs, enjoying the natural trails and obstacles. Many stumbling blocks and vouchers were given to the various people who registered on the day.

She says the park is designed to stimulate the dogs mentally and physically. Over the past two years, all of these uncertainties have taken a heavy toll on people and their pets due to the challenges and restrictions of CVD-19.

Paws and Boots recently launched a Country Dog Park in Glen Austin.
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Whitfield advises dog owners to make sure their fitness programs take into account the pet’s age, health, fitness and energy level. Start slowly and use lots of positive reinforcements to make the exercise fun and exciting.

Park rules include:

  • On natural hiking trails, all dogs should be on lead. Dogs in an area of ​​self-confidence and stumbling blocks may be out of the lead.
  • Since this is not a typical dog park, we encourage ‘pet’ parents to actively engage with the dogs and negotiate obstacles in a fun and positive way.
  • Children or adults are not allowed on the obstacles and climbing.

Details email for entry fees [email protected]

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