Does this solar farm blind New Zealand pilots?

No, of course not, but I’m sure New Zealand’s largest solar power plant (150MW) will be playing its part in the FUD being built at Christchurch Airport. Beware of “threatening”Scary”Renewable.

New Zealand has long been a world leader in water and geothermal energy, but has remained with renewable energy. This solar farm can double the load capacity. A.D. By the end of August 2021, New Zealand had installed only 170MW of grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) solar power, of which 57 megawatts had been installed in the previous 24 months..

Australian company Solar Bay is investing $ 100 million in solar farming, which is expected to generate up to 20% of local housing. The location is ideal, close to the country’s second largest city, located on flat and sunny plains and close to transmission lines. It is the last site.

Malcolm Jones, the airport’s chief executive, said the airport was part of a plan to bring about climate change in the next decade. ”Over the past decade, our team has systematically carbonated our work. We are on the verge of reducing carbon emissions by 85% to live emissions ahead of the city’s 2030 goals and New Zealand’s 2050 goals.

New Zealand still relies heavily on imports. But when the country’s vehicles go to electricity, that has to be reduced and replaced by renewable energy.

Do electric cows supply electric milk?

More good news from New Zealand,-Solagri is installing solar panels and batteries on dairy farms at no cost. It is an innovative business model designed to engage farmers in renewable energy. Solari has leased the land from the farmer, installed solar panels and batteries and guaranteed long-term low energy costs.

“Solagri has recorded competitive energy prices for many farms by simultaneously mobilizing solar procurement and installation and reducing the cost of electricity from the network on behalf of its customers.”

Having a solar-powered battery and grid connection means you do not need a backup generator. Not only that, but when you get ready to get an electric vehicle, your Shade will get a free DC Charger at no cost. The government of New Zealand intends to make New Zealand Southern Norway. So, that EVY must come soon. …

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