Does math still matter?


Time to Go down to business! It is today The first day of school For all Youth There. That means they start to carry Books, To do Homework And worst of all, doing the scary Math! He’s here to hope this year They make it easy!

See what happens The wind blew today: Read all about it a little Frost, who lives on the farm of the coming Jeffrey Star, Read how Explore the Casper Art Walk, And see “Peanuts” – Theme Escape Room.

Casper must see a Maximum 73 ° F With today It may turn into a thunderstorm at the beginning of the day. That Windy Coming from SSW 10 to 20 miles.

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I think this is when you try to do math! | Jeffie

Daily update

Baby yak Frosty (Jeffrey Star, Instagram)

Snow on the Kack Farm

Wow wow! Time to celebrate a little Frost as if Jeffrey Star Yak Farm! The famous makeup artist it is Emergence Around the city and Supporting Casper. His new line Decorating around the eyes It even includes everything related to Casper.

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(Dan Sepeda, City of Oil)

Need a guide to art walks?

The September Art Walk will be the last of the season. He will still be one of the greatest, but how do you know where to go? What are the places to look? Well, this story has all the major ones so you can choose the most Important!

Check out the guide here!

Peanut-themed escape on stage III (Pat Greenner, Facebook)

Peanut Escape Room!

Escape rooms The afternoon is a pleasant one. If you have never tried it before, Escape Room A An immersive puzzle You need to try and figure out how to escape. This is the cool thing about it Charlie Brown’s theme. Stage III is until it accommodates this escape section September 18. You can win the fastest time 45 minutes out of 45 seconds?

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Windy job details

brand new! – Travel Electrical Worker and Travel Forman

American Southwest Electric a Full-time traveling electrician and traveling foreman For a new construction project in Casper, Wyoming. Be part of doing something inside Our beautiful oil city!

brand new! – Nurse

Children’s Office, RN or LPN, A requires Full-time nurse. The place doesn’t make you work Weekends, holidays or evenings. It also provides a 401K plan As part of its benefits.

All of God’s children in grace preschool and child care

All God’s children are seeking grace a Full-time or part-time preschool and child care teacher who’s this He is patient and loves children! No education or experience required! There will be training provided by us, and it is a background check Required.

Automotive Technician

Midas is looking for an automotive center Full-time automotive technician Has Five years of experience With all aspects Auto-repair.

Community Reporter – Bashan Reboot / Oil City News

Hey, it looks like our own oil city needs a community reporter to work on Basin Reboot! This layout works in a code-based news platform Creates content five days a week, actively works to increase visibility and engagement with community-related news More!

See more job details (and learn how to post your job vacancies on the Oil City job board) over here!

Take a look at the latest Brazi events this week in our personalized community calendar! This week we got it Special movie screening, Casper Art Walk, Charlie Brown play, Harry Potter Quest and Fiesta Wyo! Check out those events here!

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Don’t let math discourage you!

I wish you the best of luck Windy Galles,
Kelly and Tyler

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