Doctors and nurses post billboards near the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal to warn of the harmful effects of natural gas.

Vancouver – A team of BC doctors and nurses concerned about the effects of natural gas and fractions has purchased a billboard to distribute their message.

The Canadian Association of Environmental Physicians and the Canadian Association of Environmental Nurses have erected billboards near the BC Fairius Tsawwassen terminal.

“Natural gas has a significant impact on the health of people living near the wells and on our global environment,” said Dr. Kevin Liang, a family medicine practitioner in British Columbia and a member of the local community.

“(The concern) comes from seeing our patients suffer from climate change every day – I am a family doctor in training, I have a year to get a full license, I am already seeing the effects of climate change. Especially this summer. ”

Hydraulic fracturing, commonly called crumbling, is a method of extracting natural gas from a rock.

“During the extraction and transport process, fronts and infrastructure deplete air, land and water in the peace zone, overuse of clean water, and the health of family and rural and indigenous people in the basin,” he said. Read a statement.

In the northeast BC, natural gas from wells could burn gas stoves, home heaters and some BC boats, but “excessive climate change is to blame,” the statement continued.

The billboards are part of an advocacy and education campaign called natural gas, which seeks to expand productivity, fair labor transfers, ban natural gas hooks for new buildings from 2023, and stop fossil fuel subsidies.

Deborah Marshall, director of public relations, said in an email to BBC Fairie that the company would not comment.

“We have no comments on the billboard,” she wrote.

Industrialists say natural gas is an environmentally friendly alternative to coal exports and exports to Asia, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But critics, environmentalists, and policymakers have long disagreed.


Combined with the greenhouse gas emissions of CO2, which are more powerful than CO2, BC LNG imported modern coal into China will exacerbate emissions in at least the next 50 years. to be continued.

From CCTV News from Vancouver Angela Jung in files.


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