Do you want to build EVs or mix Tesla, Peas and Ola? Join this free tutorial on electric vehicles from IT Madras |

Here are the prerequisites for a 12-week course to help you learn the ins and outs of the Indian EV industry

In the new electric car market, India needs a lot of hands to build electric cars and batteries. From this month onwards, the Indian Institute of Technology (IITM) Madras will offer free online training in electric vehicles and renewable energy. The three-month curriculum begins July 26. If you are interested in this field and want to join the EV industry, you can enroll in the course by going to the National Program on Technology Improvement Education (NPTEL) website.

A suitable candidate for this course is a person with at least four years of engineering education. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in mechanical, electrical, or aviation engineering can apply. Although the course is free, you will have to pay a small fee to get the certificate online. In addition, you must sit for the October 24 Proctorate exam at one of the IITM test centers.

Dr. Ashok Juhunhuwala, a lecturer at IITM, has previously taught at Washington State University in the United States. He recently advised the ministers of energy, railways and new and renewable energy.

Although the duration of the course may seem short, it covers everything – from electric car parts and variability to the state of renewable energy in India. You’ll learn about energy storage, battery design and switching, and you’ll even have access to solar power.

After this program, you may even want to pursue a full-time postgraduate course in the field. IIT Delhi Center for Automotive Research and Trilogy (CART) has a new 1-year course in electrical engineering. Many other well-known international universities also offer free short courses in EV development and maintenance, e.g. This one From Carnegie Mellon University.

Many countries are racing to make electric cars the new standard. While India has made significant strides in the adoption of electric two-wheelers, electric cars and bicycles are still uncommon on our roads. This course seeks to increase the skills of professionals in the engineering industry and attract them to further skill building and research. If you are reading this and you are an engineer (or even someone interested in EVs) this free course may be what you need to guide your career to build a more sustainable future in India.

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