Displaced flat rock residents after the Ford Plant gas leak have a voice in the city hall

After the Ford Plant gas line collapsed, many of Rock Rock residents were forced to leave their homes, and they are still frustrated. Many say that when it comes to the inconveniences or goods, $ 500 supplies are not enough.

“This is your responsibility and they just sit there and say $ 500 is enough? Are you crazy?” There is resident Megan McGill.

Ford is paying for hotel accommodation, handing out gift cards to IDPs and issuing $ 500 checks.

Rose Ruber, a resident, said she was having a hard time finding answers in City Hall on Thursday.

The gas from the Ford Motor Company to the city’s sewer system has been blocked. High levels of gasoline are found in the drainage system, a chemical found in fuel – a carcinogen known to cause cancer.

Residents said they were concerned about short-term and long-term health problems.

“Why has the fund not been established yet?” Said Ford resident Bob Strossros.

He did not answer the question directly.

“We will continue to stay close to the Department of Health and all investigations,” he said. If there is a change in zoning or what you have, we will stay close to that and what needs to be done.

Flat Rock Mayor Mark Hammond urged city officials to stay put.

“Let me be clear, we will continue to recover from this event and this event,” he said. Your interests are very important to Flat Rock City. We will continue to advocate on your behalf, and work to ensure your safe return to your community and homes.

EPA continues to monitor the quality of the air in the house and test the soil. But it is not expected when the residents will return home.

Fox 2 “Dangerous to Residents?”

“The sanitation line is plugged, so nothing is lost,” said Joe Degrazi, of the region’s largest lakes and energy. Drains have been monitored, restored, working conditions.

Fox 2 “But is it dangerous?”

You need to talk to Jill.

Fox 2 “Can Residents Return Home?”

“You have to talk to the health department, they are responsible for the release,” said EGLE Jill Greenberg.

There are a lot of people at the health department table at a municipal meeting.

“The community and the EPA have heard what they are saying today. Every effort they are making on the municipality’s sanitation system, the numbers look good there,” St. Macros said.

About that $ 500 check from Ford?

“I’m sorry that $ 500 is nothing compared to the $ 3,000 I lost,” says McGill.

Fox 2 “Can You Get More?”

“I think we need to understand the needs of the people beyond hospitality,” said the Holy Cross.

Which was not. But people are still encouraged to leave. And the state of emergency is still on.

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