Disappointed Larson hopes to resume his magical triumph in BC39

Disappointed Larson hopes to resume his magical triumph in BC39

Kyle Larson’s opening race for the NASCAR Cup on Sunday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway – but there is always next week. Or, in this case, this week.

Larson was powered by NOS Energy Beverage, powered by Driven2SaveLives BC39, on the dirt track on IMS on Wednesday and Thursday, just a short distance from the opening Verson 200 in Brick Square.

Cup Series points leader Larson must be one of the front-runners to win the dirty race, as he has won almost every car in the last three months. Stock cars, winged trucks, delayed models… Occasionally prohibited. And Larson, one of the front-runners with the hottest tires, had the best shot to win Sunday’s race until the car went into the lap of the No. 1 in the 90’s.

In the final rebound, Larson approached the corner outside of Danny Hamlin, but Kurt Bush went deep into the braking zone. Then, as he approached 2, he was caught in a three-wheeler, which caused Larson to fall out of the well into the seventh place.

Ahead of Hamlin and Chess Brisco’s beatings, Larson returned to third place behind AJ Allmendinger and Ryan Blaine, but he did not come to the IMS at No. 5 at Hendrikkars.com. Chevrolet.

“My car was really good,” Larson said. After the first step, I could adjust it (my choice), and the staff would look at the data and give me tips on what to do in the flight room to move quickly. Then we were In the distanceThe fastest car.

Things didn’t work out there in the end.

That will happen soon, not in Larson, but in racing.

Memorial Day Over the weekend, Larson won five points, a five-point trophy, a two-star race, a two-star racing, and one of the nation’s slowest model series. He started the race on May 30 at Charlotte Motor Speedway by winning the NASCAR Coca Cola 600 and did not give up winning four consecutive trophies (three-point competition and all-star competition), including the road course. Sonoma (California) sidewalk and a new event at the Nashville Superway.

Larson had limited experience competing in late models, but on July 31, he won one of the richest events in the sport at Fairway (Illinois) Speedway. Surrounding it were Spanish car crown jewels – the 38th Kings Royal at Edora (Ohio), Speedway and 60th Knoxville (Iowa) citizens, each worth more than $ 175,000.

Larson won in Knoxville on Saturday night, then returned to the IMS on a private jet he had borrowed from Hamlin. Little did they know that they would side with the leader when Bush Larson pushed him into the No. 1 spot.

Larson said, “I was very upset about going to the front row and running in the grass and stuff, but that sometimes works on road courses, especially when you have a narrow turn 1 and a wide braking zone. I was on the wrong end of the stick.

You hate it, but today we had a really fast car, and I’m proud of that.

Larson said Wednesday he will be home for two days before returning to practice, heat competitions and the first appearance of BC39. Then Thursday night he will try to win the main event. Tickets are on sale at IMS.com.

He smiled and said, “Go back and win the middle race.”

Larson’s three-month victory

  • On May 30, he won the World Series of Championships at Charlotte Motor Speedway
  • June 6, Sonama (California) Raceway Wins Tournament
  • On June 13, he won the $ 1 million star race at Texas Motor Speedway
  • On June 20, he won a trophy series at the Nashville Superway
  • On July 17, 175,000 kings win the Sprint race at Eldora (Ohio) Speedway.
  • July 31 – Winner of the $ 50,000 Premier Garbage Classic Late Model Competition at Fairway (Illinois) Speedway
  • August 8 Wins World Cup Series’ Watts in Watkins Glen (New York)
  • SATURDAY – Wins $ 176,000 in the Noxville Nation Wing Speed ​​Racing

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