Diploma courses now come with an exit option

The Department of Higher Education has introduced admission options for diploma courses for the current school year in accordance with the National Education Policy (NEP) guidelines.

Students entering the state for diploma courses will have the option to withdraw after completing one year with a certificate attached to the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) to help students get started.

If students decide to leave after the second year, they will be given a certificate related to NSQF Level 3.

Considering the trend of admission to diploma courses in the state, the Department of College and Technical Education has completely revamped the curriculum with input from industry leaders.

P. Pradep, Commissioner of the College of Technical and Technical Education, said, “In 2020-21, the total admission for diploma courses was 41 percent, 65 percent in public colleges, 63 percent in charities and 25 percent. In private colleges ”

“After graduation, 40 percent of students will study engineering and 25 percent will get jobs. With this in mind, we have revised the curriculum and now it is job-oriented,” he said.

To prevent student harassment this year, the department has introduced introductions rather than online ones. However, these registrations do not apply to the 26 selected polytechnics where competency-based admissions are offered.

8 new courses

Higher Education Minister Dr. Ashwawat Narayana on Thursday launched eight new diploma courses in the city.

“Our goal is to achieve 100% admission in diploma courses and increase employment and bring the courses in line with the NSQF and international standards,” he told the media.

There are currently 33 traditional courses offered, and the eight newly introduced courses include alternative energy technologies, cyber security, food processing and conservation, travel and tourism, cloud computing and big data, automation and robotics, directional screen writing and television production.

These new courses will be introduced at Government Polytechnics in Garibidanr, Shiralakopa, Kudligi, Rabakavi, Banahatti, Aurad, Chenagiri, Kopal, Honnali and Kapu.


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