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By constantly rediscovering the way we all live, work and play in the digital revolution, Cardiff Capital Region It launches a series of features on our region’s digital dynamics today – exploring key drivers, finding new and innovative creators, highlighting key service providers and employers, honoring key partnerships, exploring the pipeline – and identifying where CCR can lead UK (and the world) in digital…

A.D. By the end of 2005, one important day, the number of people using the Internet had reached one billion, prompting social scientists to start talking honestly about the rise of the Third Industrial Revolution, a globalization of society and the economy. 2.0, social media, smartphones and digital TV.

Just 16 years later, 67% of the earth’s population is now “connected,” and those scientists point out that the world is now entering its fourth industrial age – a time when technology is increasingly being introduced in our daily lives. When you make a purchase, such as a ‘live’ chatbot chat, or real-time experience at work or while playing.

A Continuing Evolution

“Digital” is at the heart of these extraordinary changes: it has become a continuous (and rapid) evolution until most of us can imagine a non-digital world. Digital is no longer just about computers, devices and technologies that permanently shape and change every aspect of our lives. Then it’s too big. Digital now offers the potential to bring the best of the world experience to people everywhere – increase our happiness, enhance our participation in society, create more flexible future opportunities for businesses, strengthen public services and government work – bring new perspectives and skills to solve old and new problems.

Digital is more than just computers, devices, and technologies. It is changing our culture to be more open, informed and designed around ‘us’.

Basically, digital is changing our whole culture: it makes us more open and transparent, it allows us to make informed decisions; And whether the transaction is always 24/7 on ‘how and when’, or create a new world where individual health care programs tailored to the individual’s needs are tailored to the user’s needs. .

CCR is a region within the Center for Digital Evolution.

In many different but all-encompassing ways, digital is crucial CCR Goals for building that region Connected, competitive And Resistant. It is a connection between people, their desires and their opportunities to fulfill their true potential. Bringing key clusters and the underlying economy to life is an indicator of investment continuity. Our focus is on creating the conditions for our businesses and our 1.5 million people to be fully prepared for the future. And why CCR, the center of this technology, social and economic transition: as a co-investor in a variety of regions with digital-based enterprises such as Creo Medical, Fintech Wells and Pharmaceuticals; In the region where some of the most innovative digital innovations reside, especially in the CCR priority areas of Artificial Intelligence, Innovation Economics, Campus Semiconductors, Cyber ​​Security and Analysis, Energy and Environment, Fintech, Medtech and Transport and Engineering.

There are four key columns that support CCR digitalscape

Based on the comprehensive, enriched digital future of the CCR, four broad pillars are based on the wide and diverse Southeast Wales Depression. We are the region we are building Digital collaboration, digital communication, digital capabilities And Digital Opportunity – And it is these combined factors that can ultimately explain the depth of digital success we will have for the next few decades.

Column 1: Pushing boundaries through digital collaboration

Increasingly, companies across all sizes and sectors CCR They are working closely with the academy on digital. That could be the beginning of a 12-month-old, like Sleep Media, who works with Cardiff University’s Information Creative Accelerator (DIA) to get an idea of ​​where their audience wants their content to be, when and where they need it; Or industry leaders such as Airbus, Beatty, General Dynamics, and Norrop Grumman will work with the University of South Wales (USS) to establish a National Cyber ​​Security Academy on the USS Newport Campus.

The Cardiff Capital Region is rapidly becoming an ecosystem built on digital centers and a business-academy partnership — and we will explore this in more detail in our series later.

Pillar 2 – Building a digital infrastructure that drives communication

Primary digital infrastructure is essential for the social and economic prosperity of every community – and it is vital that all areas of our region have the growth they need. Openreach Cymru has been working hard to build the fastest and fastest broadband networks in the CCR throughout the CCR and the rest of Wales, with new established digital providers such as OSGi also playing an increasingly important role in ensuring that every business and community benefits. Comprehensive infrastructure.

With less than 12 months to go, the epidemic has hit an estimated five-year digital pace and it is important to connect everyone — and CCR has become a visionary to develop the region’s digital economy in a very safe and eco-friendly manner. Road, as part of our planned Fusion Nuclear Prototype project in Aberta, to include a green-backed data center gigabyte. Strong infrastructure really requires good governance — and the Welsh government has been pioneering a strong public network framework by launching a digital public service center in 2020. On all public services. The result? CCR is an example of digital user-centeredness in all sectors, businesses, homes and communities.

Column 3: Digital Talent Development and Future Certification Skills Pipe

The start of Fintech is a key reason why 20,000+ people in our region have migrated to Fintech’s talent pipeline when Wagonex moved from Shoredch Digital Capital in London to Penarth to Tec Marina. It is not surprising that the Fintech Research Team at Cardiff University boasts 13 scholars and a variety of subjects CCR It is playing fast in this amazing and valuable field — and investment in capacity building is proliferating across all digital diversity in the region, including specialized land crossing institutions established by the Eb Valle National Digital Exploitation Center. And the Center for Semiconductors on Campus University.

Our region’s skill strategy focuses on bringing schools, colleges and employers together to make careers more seamless through advances such as Venture Skills & Talent Hub. There is no room for negligence, but the ‘Digital’ CCR Regional Skills Partnership remains the focus and center of the 2019-2022 Skill Strategy — and despite the pandemic, we are on track to achieve our goals and objectives. Training programs, collaborative digital skills collaboration and development plans with each of the region’s six FE providers.

Pillar 4 – Digital Opportunity

It is important to create a rich and diverse employer base that offers many different careers to attract, retain and develop digital talent in our region. Across Southeast Wales, we have a number of well-known employers with digital excellence centers – Admiral, Airbus, Alarm Logic, BA, BT, Cap Gemini, SCC, General Dynamics, National Bureau of Statistics, Next Generation Information, Vacancy, SPTS Technologies and Royal Mint – Accompanied by digital (sometimes surprisingly) digital SMEs such as Amplifi, Antiverver, Coincover, Cross, Digital Health Laboratories, DuPol, Jellagen, MyPinPad, Sonovate and TrakCel. Providing the conditions for these enterprises, recruiting, nurturing and inspiring digital hearts and minds is essential for our success as a large human capital and a global economy.

In this series we will look in detail at how these digital businesses run, helping to define their offerings – and helping them shape the digital industry itself. And in areas with a large number of digital startups each year, we also have collaboration sites such as Indyub, Tech Marina and Tramshid Tech (as it expands). CCR, Are playing such an important role in developing and accelerating digital enterprises with real hope by building strategic partnerships with Barclays Eagle Labs and their Microsoft counterparts.

Each organization is driven by a specific form of technology, and we focus on our next character in the digital performance (and executives) that excel in our previous sectors: gaining ‘excellence’, respecting ‘excellence’ and our global standard of measurement as a digital outlet.

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