Denmark and Costa Rica want an alliance to stop fossil fuels

Denmark and Costa Rica want to make fossil fuels an approved club for the article

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Denmark and Costa Rica want to make sure the world stops fossil fuels as soon as possible. The two countries are said to be launching an alliance that is committed to reducing fossil fuels production and use.

Details of the idea beyond the Oil and Gas Alliance (Boga) have not been completely erased. Reuters. But the agency that broke the story looked at the proposed union draft documents. At the COP26 summit in Glasgow, Scotland, the two countries said the draft could change before the fall. But the idea is really promising.

Nearly 60 countries have promised some sort of net zero emission in ether, but only six of them have actually been targeted in law – the rest of those targets are in policy documents or some kind of political statement. In the meantime, there are only a few countries Blocked restrictions On the new fossil fuel search or production. A report by the International Energy Agency, published earlier this year, shows new fossil fuels It should stop by 2022 To keep warm in accordance with the goals of the Paris Agreement. That underscores the need for all countries to work together to stop fossil fuels.

Denmark’s Minister of Climate and Energy, Dan Jorgensen, told Reuters:

According to Reuters, in order to join the only Boga club, countries must set strong goals in place to stop current oil and gas production and block new exploration. Countries that could take steps such as limiting fossil fuels financing or improving subsidies for fossil fuel companies could move up to “secondary” levels.

The star-studded team would be Denmark and Costa Rica. Although Costa Rica itself does not produce fossil fuels, it has long been recognized Leading the way And setting aggressive decarbonation targets. Denmark – one of the largest oil producers in the European Union– He became the second country last year Prohibits the discovery and extraction of fossil fuels. “We are in the process of learning more about this initiative,” Reuters reported in New Zealand. However, the level of interest from countries to join the proposed union is still very low, but if enough countries are on board, it could be huge..

The declaration of an oil and gas union in Denmark and Costa Rica could signal a major shift in fossil fuels and climate change in global geopolitics. She advocates for international agreements to stop fossil fuels in email. “If it is ambitious and loyal, Boga will encourage other countries to join, rediscover climate leaders, keep fossil fuels central to climate change, put pressure on problems, and grow the international community in a new way. We look forward to seeing the details, but we hope that this industry will be a true platform for increasing global cooperation to address unsustainable production plans.

Rafalovich needs all the help the Paris Agreement can provide when we are in a very difficult situation. The world’s leading climate AAgreement It does nothing Contact fossil fuels that aggravate the climate crisis. THe is the United Nations It is now known that the governments of the world are on the road to production A.D. By 2030, 120% more fossil fuels More than we can burn under 1.5-Degree-Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) in target Paris Agreement. Such as Boga or a similar agreement Fossil fuel multiplication agreement It will be necessary alongside other international agreements to secure the world Not producing many fossil fuels while trying To free himself from them.

“It must be more than just a platform to move all countries forward, not just backward or green –Large and small, rich and poor producers –On our common climate goals. ” Therefore, the test for such international cooperation is that they are based on significant science Goals and Objectives? ADo they remain strict and clear on their rules? AAnd took into account global equality, wIs commitment from a place like Denmark very different from one in Nigeria? Does Boga, for example, plan to participate in and support agreements with manufacturers outside of Europe? All of these questions remain open around Boga. But for those of us who have campaigned on the need for a global system to address the question of fossil fuel expansion, This is at least a big step in the right direction.


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