Democratic clashes took over Biden’s agenda a month after Rocky

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Biden’s political stance was taken over in September following a chaotic exit from Afghanistan, flooding of Haitian refugees on the Texas border and the ongoing CV-19 epidemic. The month ended with the party worried about the party’s future and future, amid a series of controversial legislative agendas.

Mr. Beden traveled to the Capitol on Friday afternoon to promote the $ 1 trillion infrastructure plan and special health care, education and climate package. Administration officials have acknowledged that Biden’s presidency has been a test case in recent weeks, but are hoping the agenda will clear Congress.

After meeting with lawmakers on Friday, Mr Biden said he had “called for a delay in voting on infrastructure.” Pay the bill until you reach an agreement on a separate cost package.

Conflict in Congress is expected to reduce the cost of reconciliation by an estimated $ 3.5 trillion following Mr. Biden’s efforts to bridge the gap between trillions of infrastructure and social spending. To delay his focus on talks on Capitol Hill, he delayed his planned trip to Chicago this week and held meetings and calls with lawmakers, particularly two moderate Democrats – S.C. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

Negotiations have exposed long-running internal tensions, with critics publicly criticizing Mr. Manchini and Ms. Cinema, and the White House hiding behind the Democratic congressional leadership. Some progressive lawmakers complained earlier this week that the White House was paying too much attention to both senators, while others said the talks were the only way to reach an agreement that would move both packages forward.

Many Democrats view Mr. Beden’s legislative agenda as a major blow to the White House ahead of next year’s midterm elections. Concerns are mounting among some in the party, especially as Biden’s approval rating fell below 50% last month.

“You have to take the individual gap into account,” said Rev. Al Sharpton, a civil rights leader who has stopped dealing with voting rights, immigration and police reform. In Congress – by mid-next year it could reduce the turnout among black voters. I don’t think anyone expects him to walk on water, but we expect him to be able to swim.

Biden’s struggle coincided with the extension of this year’s most popular campaign this year, as former Democratic Republic of Virginia Gov. Terry McAlif wants to return to office as a newcomer to Republican Glen Yangkin. The state-run campaign in the year following the presidential election is often a major indication of the Middle Ages.

Former Gov. Terry McCawlif’s left-wing rivalry with Republican challenger Glen Young at the left is seen as a national political indicator.


Gorge Owen / Associated Press

Republicans see Democrats’ plans as overspending and have accused Mr. Beden of waiting for a crisis, both of which will weaken the party’s mid-term message next year. House Republican Rep. Tom Emmer (R. Min.

In the run-up to the 2022 midterm elections, some Republicans are looking at the dangers ahead for their party. Among them – Central GOP voters and neutral people could be lost in efforts to investigate and verify the allegations of widespread election fraud by former President Donald Trump, and legislation enacted by Republicans to narrow voting rules could derail voters in both parties.

Sean Patrick Maloni (D.C., New York), a leading member of the House Democratic Campaign, said his party was solving the problems that Republicans did not have when they were in power.

After eight months in office, Mr. Biden has been embroiled in a series of thorny issues that have angered past presidents and his leadership decisions. Legislative challenges are over for a month.

The recent departure of the Pentagon’s top military official, which calls the “strategic failure” of a drone strike that killed civilians, has hampered hopes of moving out of the White House. French officials have accused the United States of pursuing a long-standing partnership with Australia after a dark nuclear deal with Australia. And mixed messages on high-intensity shootings have sparked public outrage over the long-running CV-19 epidemic.

Civilians killed in US airstrikes pray at Kabul Cemetery last month.


Bernat Armange / Associated Press

Speaking at the Senate hearing on the withdrawal from Afghanistan, General Mark Milley said: [the evacuation] He was successful. The strategic war is over. The enemy is in Kabul. ”

The rise of Haitian migrants in Texas del Rio sparked bilateral criticism and challenged Biden’s more humane immigration policy. During a meeting with members of Congress’s Black Caucasus last week, lawmakers pushed for the administration’s immigration policies, including the president’s decision to repatriate large numbers of refugees and deport Haitians to their homeland. Meeting.

“We were very honest. One of the participants, Ambassador Barbara Lee (D, California), said no one would bite their tongue.

Refugees cross the Rio Grande River in September between the United States and Mexico.


Christopher Lee to the Wall Street Journal

A White House official acknowledged that there had been a “significant loss of life” due to the VV-19 epidemic and the outbreak in Afghanistan, but said that vaccinations would continue to improve and that the general public would support the withdrawal. Violation of the president’s legal agenda, Biden’s advisers hope will boost the president’s political chances, with the accounts claiming public support in the recent election.

Mr Biden told lawmakers in a private meeting last week that he wanted the public to see the benefits of spending.

According to public opinion polls conducted by the Pew Research Center in September, half of the country supports its bilateral infrastructure budget and a separate package for health care, education and other expenses. Very few oppose the law – 20% for the infrastructure package and 25% for the wider. A quarter of those surveyed were unsure of where they stood. Other surveys, including the September Fox News poll, showed little support for the accounts.

Mr Biden’s chief campaigner, John Anzalon, said he believed the popularity of the president’s policies in infrastructure and reconciliation packages would help eliminate any short-term losses.

Despite spending a ton of money on it, it has maintained its popularity over the past six months.

Mr. Anzalon has lowered the president’s approval ratings. “Voter turnout revolved around them,” he said. He understands that. ”

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