Demand for clean-energy jobs is growing in Westchester


Pure Energy offers many good pay opportunities for those with or without a college degree in New York State.

Many years later, based on fossil fuels, the United States has recently begun to embrace clean energy options. The Binden administration has pledged to make clean energy one of its top priorities to boost post-epidemic activity and have a significant impact on climate change and create 10 million new jobs.

Here in New York, that comes as good economic news. Sub-Energy Works (by 2019) ranks fourth in the country, according to research by non-partisan business group E2. Westchester County is helping to pave the way for new companies like the spring tulip. And they need workers.

Which is better news for those looking for a productive career outside of higher education. Soulful Synergy, a local consulting firm focused on sustainability and human resource development, provides certification training programs and employment placement in the energy efficiency sector, especially in underprivileged communities. “Two-thirds of our participants do not have a college degree,” says Dawn R. Norris, co-founder of Solfil Senior. “This is an industry where you get a home.”

That house pays well. The E2 report, based on data from the U.S. Department of Labor and Energy, states that clean energy workers pay an average of 25% of the national average wage, have pension and health care benefits, and are more organized than other sectors. .

Need numbers? Work in renewable energy, energy efficiency, modernization of the grid and clean fuel and vehicles In 2019, the average hourly wage was $ 23.89, which is $ 6.19 per hour more than the national average wage. Work on solar energy costs $ 24.48 per hour, wind and grid upgrades cost more than $ 25 per hour, and jobs on energy efficiency provide $ 24.44 per hour. Most of these jobs cost more than those in the fossil fuels industry, says E2.

Green pays more than greens

The money is good, yes. But green industries offer more than good income. “You have the potential to have a good life and to do good,” Norris said.

Manufacturer of Rand Manasseh agrees with Sunrise Solar Solutions in Brickley Place. Working in the sun, he said, “You are making a difference in this world. Anyone can find work behind the table or work in a warehouse. When you work in the solar industry, your job is to make a difference in fighting climate change. We all have to contribute, and in our business you can be a financial wage, be a seller, have a high level of sustainability, or work like a roof over your head.

That special energy sector requires different professions and differs from other industries. Take Dandelion Energy in Peksil. They market geothermal heating and cooling systems that use the Earth’s natural temperature regulation to make your home comfortable. “The work is unique in that it involves a wide range of roles,” said Hagit Farago, director of the company’s talent acquisition. We have people working in the field and installing our systems – such as HVV installers, drivers, heavy equipment operators – and then we have software engineers, finance, sales, marketing and production people.

Former equipment operator Nickal Tabot for Dandelion Energy will work with the company’s drilling team to install a geothermal loop system. Talbot has since been elevated. Photo courtesy of Dandelion Energy

Like many companies that rely on trained manpower, Dandelion has a shortage of workers. “There are enough HVV installers, licensed plumbers, licensed electricians and perhaps the most difficult sonic drivers. I like to see a lot of people explore those roles and find themselves in a high-profile field of interest with an amazing salary and career path, ”says Farago. “Due to climate change, we are seeing an increase in demand for these roles,” she said. “That demand will continue to rise, and it’s hard to imagine a day when these jobs will be obsolete.

When you work in the solar industry, your job is to make a difference in fighting climate change.
– Rand Manasseh, Chief Operating Officer, Solar Solutions

Training is available

For workers seeking career change, BOCES provides a three-month HIV program to gain basic knowledge. Dandelion hires and trains graduates from such programs, and similar opportunities exist in the sun. If one wants to attend, there are several courses offered at local schools. I know Westchester Community College and Peace offer some great programs, ”said Manasseh. Alternatively, if the school is not yours and you have roofing experience, apply for a job on our website.

Great opportunities say, “For those who are just beginning. If you have a new degree in renewable energy or sustainability at one of the new colleges and want to plan and develop a new solar project, or if you do not have a degree and only need a new skill to install solar panels in residential or commercial. Roofs, we always have job vacancies and we want candidates who are successful, have good work ethic and are willing to learn.

Promises can also partner with companies such as Soulful Synergy. He partnered with Wildan Group, a global engineering and energy solutions company that helps businesses become more energy efficient and sustainable. Together with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), they developed Wildan Pure Energy Academy with a $ 250,000 grant. His Small Business Energy Audit Training (SCEAT) course is a free 60-hour course that prepares students for work in pure energy.

The lesson is: “It attracts people who want to do good, but they often do not know what it is. We love it, ”said Antuan Canon, deputy general manager of Wildan Group. The participants came from all walks of life, “from prison to prison, literally. We are looking for motivated, accountable people. Our job is to help them show a roadmap. ”And that map is full of hope; “We now have more jobs than people,” Canon said.

“Students see the opportunity,” says Alefandro Alvarez, co-founder of Solfil Senior. “This is a new industry where we can find and expand influential work on human superpowers.”

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