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Taipei, November 15, 2021 – Determined to align corporate operations with sustainable goals, Delta Electronics has been selected for the 11th consecutive year by DJC World and the 921 Dow Jones Sustainability Review for the 9th consecutive year for the DJC-Emerging Markets. DJSI, Indicator of Global Competitiveness. This year Delta has achieved great results in the global electronics industry. Delta, in addition to its impressive environmental performance, has made significant strides in social and administrative performance, and its social performance has been a major factor in the industry. In the subcategory review, four categories, viz “Innovation Management”, “Local reports”, “Social Reports” And “Human Capital Development”, Received full results. Together with “Product Management” And “Attracting and retaining talent”, Delta has achieved great results in a total of six categories in the global electronics industry. The industry leaders’ results reflect Delta’s commitment to innovation and R&D, resource utilization efficiency and product sustainability, as well as its ongoing efforts in skill development and social security, taking into account local, social and three-dimensional sustainability. ESG.

Delta Chief Sustainability Officer Jesse Chu Delta is actively pursuing his organizational mission: “To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions” and to continue to engage with international sustainability initiatives. Measures to respond to severe challenges to climate change. A.D. Following the 2017 SBT review, Delta introduced a total of 2,270 energy-saving projects in three major initiatives, including voluntary energy and carbon reduction, in-house solar power generation, and the purchase of green energy or international renewals. Energy Certificates. For three consecutive years, we have surpassed our annual SBT performance, Delta has reduced carbon emissions by 55%, and we have used renewable energy worldwide 45.7% *. Using our accumulated experience of implementing SBT, Delta is more confident and committed to the more challenging RE100 and committed to the RE100 by 2021, and our overall goal is to achieve 100% renewable electricity and carbon neutrality by 2030. We are currently logged in. Long-term green energy procurement agreement (PPA) with TCC Green Energy Corporation and Foxwell Power Co. at the end of November. This is expected to reduce our global carbon footprint by more than 271,000 tons as we move toward net zero emissions.

Response to Climate Change, Delta The Science-Based Target (SBT) is set to reduce carbon emissions by 56.6 percent by 2025. Through the efforts of all its employees, Delta carbon emissions will fall by 55 percent from the target by 2020. Average annual absolute carbon reduction over 8.2%. The reduction is above 1.5 ° C, which sets the stage for net zero emissions. This year, Delta joined the “Zero Competition” to set a net zero target in line with its 1.5 ° C future. Delta strives to provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions, and has established R&D centers around the world. In 2020, Delta spent 9.01 percent of its gross domestic product on innovation and R&D. Delta production from 2010 to 2020 saved customers a total of 33.5 billion kWh per hour, an estimated 17.8 million tons of global carbon emissions.

A.D. By 2020, Delta has contributed a total of more than $ 9 million to global social engagement, which has had significant results in promoting low-carbon housing and transportation, promoting science and energy education and climate change, and actively developing talent. The Delta Electronics Foundation and NHK Enterprises in Japan have co-produced the 8K local documentary “Water with Life”. The Foundation also continues to increase its influence at the United Nations Climate Change Conference by launching an 8K documentary “The Songs of Whales” to educate the public and schools about water resources and the environment. A.D. At the 2021 COP26 Glasgow official side event, Delta shared its technology and experience with global electronics solutions and showcased local films “Birthday” and “Life on Coral Reefs” in the Blue Zone. COP26 To emphasize the importance of protecting marine ecosystems and the dangers posed by pollution and ocean heat.

In terms of capacity building and development, Delta has implemented a variety of inclusive appointments and international learning maps to create quality workplaces, create industry, government and academies to create R&D centers in top universities and actively recruit international talent. A.D. In 2020, Delta joined a three-year industry-academy partnership with Taiwan’s top universities and government ministries. In response to the Covd-19 pandemic, Delta has provided nearly 1,000 digital courses to support not only high-risk outbreaks, but also to support online health seminars and exercise classes, taking into account the health of workers. Physical and mental health and education of staff. Delta has also won a number of awards, including “Top 10 Best Employers – Engineering and IT” at the University, the world’s leading employer research firm, and the Human Resources Online Award for “Asia Recruitment – Best Global Recruitment Strategy”. Leading manpower organization in Asia.

In terms of circular economy, by 2020 the Dongguan plant has achieved “100% waste disposal rate” and the Delta Vujiang and Thailand plants have achieved the same goal by 2021 to obtain a UL2799 zero waste disposal certificate. . In industry-cross-cooperation, Delta also recycles glass fiber from waste district boards and adds it to the board in an effort to increase overall value added value, use resources more efficiently and reduce carbon emissions. The billboards will be on display at the TASS2021 Asia Sustainable Supply and Round Economy Conference and Exhibition in Kahosing, November 10-12. Delta has actively assisted and strengthened the construction of key supply chain short- and medium-term targets. To achieve sustainable value chain vision by providing supplier operation management and risk identification, sharing experience in water conservation with plants and green buildings, and providing greenhouse gas storage and energy saving training courses.

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