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The Delight Metro Corporation (DMRC) has deployed 14 anti-smoke guns (ASGs) to prevent air pollution at construction sites for the Metro Railway infrastructure.

Anti-smoke guns from time to time provide good fog to ensure dust pollution during construction.

Currently, 12 civil contracts are being implemented across the country in Phase 4 expansion and some construction projects.

These modern ASGs spray good fog up to 70 to 100 meters. An ASG is estimated to cover up to 20,000 square meters.

The DMRC said the water used for spraying was free of coliform, viruses and bacteria.

“High-quality droplets of 10 to 50 micrometers are used for greater impact. As the construction work gradually expands, more such ASGs should be introduced in the coming days,” he said.

The Dali government banned construction and demolition work in the city following heavy air pollution in November.

“Currently, all construction works other than natural pollution have been stopped in accordance with relevant regulations. Although DMRC has fully complied with all pollution-related regulations, these fog guns have been put in place as a permanent measure to combat them. Even a pistol can reduce air pollution by preventing airborne particles from accumulating on construction sites.

Traditionally, anti-smoke guns were used at coal and cement production sites around the world.

A.D. In November 2016, DMRC may be the first construction company to use ASGs anywhere in the National Capital Territory as a pilot project.

According to comments made using ASGs for the first time on the sites, the use of contractors is mandatory for contractors in the fourth phase of expansion of the DMRC.

Even the Delhi government has now mandated the use of ASGs for all construction agencies in the national capital to combat pollution.

Detailed instructions on the use of drops, nasal sprays are provided in this regard.

In fact, the whole of northern India, especially the Dale-NCR, will be battling high levels of pollution from October to December.


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