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A.D. 2021 continues to be a year of uncertainty, change and resilience. What could be better than rewarding creative people with a celebration?

2020 Awards He returned to Delaware three years later, honoring five local creators and organizations. Stephanie Eldridge, Markvis Gideon, Dr. Dan Young, Second Opportunity Farm And Zip Code Wilmington TECHpreneur Incubator.

This year we are looking forward to the same digital format in four categories to honor not only the successful but also the inclusive, inclusive and equitable producers of local technology and entrepreneurship communities. Your 2021 Categories Book of Creative of the Year, Technical Leader of the Year, Culture Builder of the Year and Business of the Year.

The Delaware 2021 Awards will be announced on Wednesday, December 15th. But first you have to choose the winners.

At the beginning of the current campaign season, we have nominated candidates from the community based on our own reports. Now, this is the time to vote for who should be honored this year: Voting is open until Wednesday, December 8th.. Read below about each candidate.

Creativity of the Year

Which product, project or release is best this year ready to change their industry?

  • Element Energy Hydrogen Power Banks – Dr. Jalal Hayes received his doctorate. A.D.
  • Desikant thermoregulation clothing – Descuant Founder Quaku Temen, the winner of the inaugural Beginner 302, and his team developed temperature-controlled clothing to reduce stress, especially for surgeons and other health professionals who work long hours.
  • Danio Health – From Danio Diary (Delaware Innovation Award nominee for 2017 product), Danio Wellness is a new healthcare application created by Green Line Business Group to close the health care gap by making it safer, more recognized, and more user-friendly. Access to health care. CEO Anthony Wright is looking for a platform that can be used confidently by the elderly, low-tech, low-income people.
  • Lignolix catalytic process – Initially, at the University of Delaware, Professor Thomas Eps Laboratory, Lignolex founders Eric Gottlieb, Robert ODA and Elvis Ibikade are taking green technology to business. The process takes plant waste and converts it into renewable chemicals and cellulose.
  • Lectrolist – Dr. Greg Hatchings and Dr. Feng Gioo Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Gases – A Major Cause of Climate Change – Towards Useful Chemicals and Materials, Including Pharmaceutical Substances. When it comes to carbon-neutral energy, the solution is to reduce the impact of fossil fuels.

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Technical Leader of the Year

Who is leading the amazing technical work in their organization or organization?

  • Thomas Streach, Patient Sortal CTO – Stretch is the winner of the Hen Hatch Alumni Track, a world-renowned startup CTO . .
  • Dr. Hanna Murnen, CTO Compact Membrane Systems “Hannah is an extraordinary leader who has brought to the depths of technology a focus on human development and entrepreneurship,” wrote Mornen’s candidate. “She sets great goals for the team, and helps coaches, mentors, and anyone who solves problems succeed. Under her leadership, CMS science and product development teams are opening the door to innovating and supporting innovations and combining those innovations into real products.
  • Patrick Kalihan, CEO, The impact of technology – Tech Impact influenced Delaware’s ITWorks coding program for years, but 2021 was the year that Kalihan brought the Tech Impact to Wilmington, in front of the New River. Since then, Tech Impact has acquired the Delaware Data Innovation Laboratory, collaborated with Code Diversity, and brought the Tech Elevator to Wilmington Market Street.
  • Hattie Duplechain, Program Manager, Delaware Innovation Site – Innovation Space continues to help build powerful STEM startups in Delaware, with no signs of slowing down – especially with the new 2021 Science Inc. Hurry up. Duplicate’s managed program creates scientific startups and helps them become more profitable than laboratories.
  • William Coffee, CTO of WSFS – Coffee joins WSFS at the end of 2020. Balance in mind – Zoom in on your banking app, especially with one-of-a-kind popular banking options, whether it’s a personal relationship, a lobby-like lobby, or a real person.

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Business of the Year

What promising young or growing company is solving an exciting problem in a new way or shaping the future of the industry?

  • HXInnovations – To help manufacturers improve their shoe performance using AI, machine learning and computer vision technologies, the winner of the mid-season 302 Peach competition, the first middit based on Von and Nicole Homer in 2019. Their innovations are especially helpful for the disabled and the disabled. HXInnovations also offers popular shoes and STEM classes to the community as part of the FAME Summer Program.
  • Drone manpower solutions – Founded by Tio Nix, Jr. in 2015, the Federal Aviation Administration offers training courses for those who want to pass a pilot test, providing high-paying jobs in the growing drone force. The company has been able to provide free drone training to high school juniors and seniors, with a focus on staff development.
  • Avkin Founded by Amy Cooperweit, Heidi Digregorio, Amy Bucha and Robert Tilley, Fica Simucarere, a small health technology company based in Newport, Newport, develops educational protections. This includes learning to draw blood, arms, tracheostomy, and trauma, the most accurate medical training experience for all participants.
  • Anara Original – This clothing company focused on fashion tights of all ages and sizes may seem out of place among tech and STEM companies, but Anara Original has found a place for creativity and support for other entrepreneurs in the Delaware business environment. Founder Sarah Crawford is a designer who worked with Tommy Hilfiger, DDC Lab and H&M. She is the author of “Playbook to Essential Style – Learn, Build and Explore Your Style” and TED speaker. And she is a member of the original Color Collection in February 2021 to highlight, engage and promote black innovations and small businesses.
  • UP cycle – This is a UD-based startup – the founders of Sierra Leone Walik and Michel Yatvsky are yet to graduate. Waste to new items, but teaches teenagers in design, manufacturing and entrepreneurship with teams in Wilmington warehouse.

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Culture Builder of the Year

Which compassionate leader or organizer is making their workplace, professional team, or wider community more inclusive, strong, or engaging?

  • Mark Newman, CEO Chemistry – Chemours, the DuPont vortex, is rightly placed in the 21st century under Newman leadership, which prioritizes social justice, even racism and other forms of discrimination as a security threat. The core value says a lot to a company that is a “security obsession”.
  • Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce founder Ayana Khan – Delaware needs more support for a growing number of black entrepreneurs. It led to the formation of the Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce.
  • Gary Johnson III, co-founder – The original founders’ focus on low-represent entrepreneurs has been around for some time, but by 2021, the WeFunder City Partners program is gaining momentum. Through the Philadelphia portal, entrepreneurs turn to the community to distract themselves from the inaccessible VC line option.
  • Troy Mix, Associate Director, Institute of Public Administration at Delaware University – The man behind the First State Insight Podcast Collection and the original Government Economic Development News + Notes newspaper, is a cultural developer focused on improving not only one company but all companies in Delaware.
  • Atenre Ali, TeenSHARP and DelawareCAN – After earning a quarter of a million dollars for the New Castle County CARES Fund (and DETV program) by 2020, it launched the Healthcare Proximity Project Team, led the Delaware Data Innovation Laboratory Information Project, and raised another $ 300,000 from WSFS. In September, Alleyne’s impact on Delaware and its future is only growing.

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