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The death of the Stranding Director comes with some updates and new content, including new equipment, new vehicles, new routes for delivery and even a new story mission. Unlike the recently released Tsushima Director piece, which comes with a lot of new content and a lot of life updates, Death Strand is opting for tons of minor improvements and additions, which makes it a little confusing when trying. Exactly what you get with this update. But don’t worry, we have coverage. We are exhausted as much as we can, and we have chosen what we think are the 13 biggest increases and changes in the Death Stranding Director cut.

Cut Stranding Director Screenshots

1. New graphics options

Before we get into the big stuff, let’s take a look at some graphic updates. The game now has two graphic options, focusing on local 4K resolution and 60fps, or a stable 4K resolution with a more stable frame – performance mode – still not locked at 60fps. Also, both of these modes can play in a very wide screen mode on a PC or a “very wide screen simulation” mode on the PS5.

2. Monster power has risen!

Sam’s favorite drink, Monster Energy, doesn’t seem to exist. Monster Energy may have survived a death knell, but it has not been able to survive a console jump. We assume that this kind of simple license agreement will expire, but all the references to “monster energy” have disappeared and have now been replaced by many brand “bridges energy”.

3. DualSense support

Without some cool DualSense features, you can’t have a PlayStation 5 game, and Death Stranding Director has a lot to cut. First of all, the adapter triggers work exactly as you expect – all devices burn with different emotions, and with a heavy load of soap, it is difficult to download the trigger. As you run through different terrain, haptic feedback monitors respond appropriately. For example, running on soft concrete may feel more like jumping in the snow. And finally, the BBC’s screams and shouts are heard across the river through a variety of sounds, such as running water, through the speaker.

4. New combat skills

Fighting has also improved slightly. Sam now has adequate gloves to attack your opponents – they can also help you get out faster. He is now a little more efficient and can knock and kneel enemies as he runs towards them. Also, mules have gained interest in using spinners. Of course, once you bring down that vicious enemy, you are free to use it to bring down your warriors to hell.

5. New affordable items

A few new items have been added for creativity. The first is a machete gun that fires mules and vehicles for a constant electric charge. It is based on electricity and is even more effective in water. Unfortunately, it is not based on blood and has no effect on BTs. Another new item is the so-called support skeleton. This means that it is the most skeletal option to partially replace all available terrain, energy, and speed. It is fast, can carry a lot, and is good on heavy ground. He is the pinnacle of all professions, the master of all dealings. It is also solar-powered, unlike any exoskeleton in the game, so it can charge in the sun or in cloudy weather, making it less likely to get caught without power.

6. Burning range

Burning area has been added to terminals to allow you to view all the equipment in the game and even test your skills with them. All the tools are on the table and you can equip what you want and what you want to shoot for the proposed goals. Or, you can skip one of the many exercises available and see how long it takes to get through one of the different conditions. There are also standardized exercises that allow you to compete with other players for better results.

7. The road indicator

A new car arrives in the form of a roadblock. The trail is intended for smooth highways or for track, but you can also use it to deliver, but it is not very good on rocky ground or in the water, and even if you do not load it unless the customer asks for it. Keep your supplies in order, I will stick to the truck and keep the track on the race track.

8. Race competition

Now you can build a fully-fledged race track at Timefall Farm that will allow Sam to test his driving skills on the opposite track, truck, or road trip mentioned earlier. The tournament track gives you access to each of the few different courses as well as the featured versions, and there are level tournaments that allow you to offer time to compare yourself with other players in the training field.

9. Newly constructed structures

The death of the Director of Stranding now Sam has a few new structures to help his parents. First of all, it is a cargo capsule that can be loaded with a lot of cargo and fired into the air at your destination – don’t worry, it is parachuted so as not to damage your expensive cargo. The area around it is not spectacular, but it should be helped as it passes through small mountains or wide rivers. Another is a jumper ramp that allows vehicles to shoot at short distances. On the reverse trajectory, you can even make Sam do some cool activities that are good for photography. And finally, Sam could build a cereal bridge that would allow large bridges to pass through narrow spaces that could not be joined. Chiral bridges are also equipped with a special network identifier that prevents mules from being used. Be careful, chiral bridges will disappear if it rains or snows.

10. Damaged factory

The broken factory in the trailer described for the death of the Stranding Director is a collection of new missions that see Sam enter an underground facility filled with the interior of the old world, and of course mules. I don’t want to ruin anything about what’s going on here, but I can say that it’s definitely worth seeing.

11. Buddy Bots

Delivery boats were in the deadline from the beginning, but they were only technically technically able to send them to auto-delivery when they prioritized other things. You can now build a Buddy Bot to travel with you. Buddy Boots has two functions – Sam can carry a lot of cargo around and follow him around, or if Sam can hold everything in his bag and addicted, he can take the boat to his destination. It’s very slow and you don’t get many S levels to ride the boat, but it’s a good feature if you want the game to play itself and go along with it. Beware, however, that the boot can only travel through the chiral network, and does not do very well when attacked by mules or beetles.

12. New Cosmetics and Backpack Customizations

Death Stranding has always been an emphasis on customization, so it makes sense for us Sam to be more in control of how we really want it. We can change the BB color scheme, your wardrobe now has a set of colors to choose from, and most importantly, Sam’s bag has received very few improvements. Not only can you change the color, but you can now add fixes and stabilizers to the back, allowing Sam to balance better, and even slide over long distances with improved stabilizers.

13. You can re-enact cliff memories and Boss Batles

In the basic version of Death Strading, once you win the game, you can play the Cliff Night Wars again. In the director’s piece, you are allowed to replay any major boss battles now known as battles here. And, just like in a racing or shooting range, there are also rated versions that allow you to perform better on other players, by evaluating the time it takes to complete the connection and the damage.

So those are the biggest changes that await when it comes to cutting off the Death Stranding Director. There are even minor changes to zip lines associated with the service provider and the ability to start new turnarounds at the beginning. Would it be appropriate for the deceased director to be cut off? If so, which of these new features do you find most appealing? Make sure you vote in the comments!

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