Daven aims to be the UK leader for Community Energy

Daven is launching a new pilot program to strengthen the UK’s leadership position in the energy sector.

The Daven County Council is receiving 200 200,000 through the new Community Energy Challenge Fund in an effort to support economic recovery following the epidemic.

In the county you can sell እስከ 1,000 to ,000 25,000 in one-time grants to nonprofits, public bodies and community groups. The program will help develop a number of pilot community energy projects, and help more people find local community energy initiatives and supply chains.

Applications must be submitted by Monday afternoon, November 8, and application information is available at

Successful projects should be funded by March 31, 2023.

A.D. While more than 500,000 homes in Deven will need to be “green redeveloped” in Deven to become more energy efficient and meet the central government’s zero carbon goals, the program will support places in training that are recognized as community rehabilitation courses. Consultants, reviewers and coordinators.

Daven is currently home to 22 community service organizations – more than any other county in the UK.

They run more than 60 community-owned renewable projects, generating more than 17,400 megawatts of clean green energy, saving 6,080 tons of CO2 emissions and saving more than 2,700 homes on energy bills and increasing energy efficiency. They have invested more than 14 14 million and created more than 30 full-time jobs.

Challenge Fund aims to capitalize on the economic opportunities in the sector in line with the Daven Coveid 19 business and economic recovery promises.

Councilor Rufus Gilbert, a cabinet member for the Ivan County Council for Economic Recovery and Skills, said:

“This challenging fund aims to create more training and job opportunities, encourage more investment and attract new investors to the sector.

“We hope that this initiative will help people take advantage of the social and economic benefits that community energy can provide – lowering consumer bills and net zero emissions not only to reduce carbon emissions but also to achieve the goal of becoming a Devon. A leader in the green economy as they play a vital role in the county’s economic recovery.

The community energy sector enables local communities to benefit from collective environmental action to reduce, buy, manage and generate energy. This could be an improvement in energy efficiency or an increase in energy levels from low carbon and renewable sources.


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