Dar es Salaam Business School, Dominion Energy provides a pipeline program for Midland students

Columbia, SC (WIS) – Starting next month, more than one to two percent of high school students in Richland School District will have the opportunity to start a career in business.

This comes with Dominion Energy Power’s new pipeline program in the future. The program is run by the University of South Carolina Darla Moore Business School in partnership with Dominion Energy South Carolina.

Dr. Deborah Hazard, Dean of Design and Integration at Darla Moore Business School, led a special program for her.

It really hurts me to come from these local school districts. ” And I started my education in Richland Two, but I am a graduate of Richland High School in Richland.

The program has been in progress for at least a year, with the official launch on September 15. His interest in Moore School grew to provide more opportunities for students in the state, especially those from unknown communities.

“This program is very deliberately designed to create places where less-represented people are visible and valuable and inclusive,” he said.

All Richland One and Richland two high school students were eligible to participate in the program.

Participating students from Richland are selected for Power Forward based on enrollment in Business Management and Management Courses. He also expressed interest in pursuing a career in business.

Late last spring, Richland sent information to high school students to measure their interest in the program.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in activities and use resources at the beginning of the new year. These include a variety of opportunities from Moore School professors, career perspective workshops, job placement, field studies, and professional counseling.

There will also be opportunities for Dominion Energy and Moore School site visits.

“I believe education is a great equal,” Hazard said. And so, no matter what their background, no matter what their circumstances, if we can expose them to this international business school in a way that seems very personal and acceptable to them, it can change lives and change directions. ”

Additional plans include hosting a Dominion Energy Future Diversity and Inclusion Conference that will be open to participating students and other high school students across South Carolina.

For Dominion Energy, which has contributed $ 50,000 to the effort, there is nothing wrong with inventing this partnership.

The university is looking for ways to bring in more diverse students, especially in South Carolina, and Dominion is looking for ways to improve the diversity of our workforce, thus becoming a natural partnership. Iris Griffin, vice president of power plant in South Carolina, told Dominion Energy.

Griffin graduated from Moore School, and Domion Energy believes that “it is important to be actively involved in the communities we serve.”

Dr. Baron Davis, Richland’s two supervisors, and a graduate of Richland, said that the education and future of those involved would be “unpredictable.”

It is important for us to look for opportunities and partnerships to close the opportunity gaps, especially for marginalized communities or disadvantaged backgrounds. Strategic partnerships such as Power Forward are one of the key to ensuring that we provide opportunities for our students to have their best versions.

Richland Superintendent Dr. Craig Witerspon echoed that sentiment.

“Gifts are said to be shared equally, but not opportunities,” he said. We try to offer options and opportunities, so that’s great when we can collaborate or bring bodies together at any time.

Richland confirmed that 77 students from two of the five district high schools will participate in the program from this fall. Richland said it will start with 30 students enrolled in the program, but that number will increase in the coming months.

Hazard said he hopes to host one or two events a month once the program is launched. Opportunities begin with virtual engagements and expand into physical visits based on the distribution of the COVID-19 community.

The organizers say they plan to expand the program beyond Richland One and Two to more school districts in the future.

Visit the University of South Carolina for more information on Power Forward website.

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