Danny Willet under the leadership of Tirel Hatton at the Alfred Dunhil Links Championship

St. Andres, Scotland: Danny Wilt started the third round in the sun and ended in heavy rain and strong winds, playing good golf in the old course in St. Andrew’s Under 6-66, leading the Englishman to a three-Saturday victory over the Alfred Dunhil Link Championship.

In total, Willt, who is under 14, will return to the golf course on Sunday – if he is 34 – and will be looking for his eighth career start in September 2019, the BMW PGA Championship, and the first in two years.

The 2016 Masters Championship has a good record on the old course. He is equal to 73 for his career there and In 2010, he finished second in the competition and in 2015 he finished sixth in the British Open at St. Andrew’s.

Full field results from Alfred Dunhil Links Championship

Second-round pick and two-time champion Terrell Haton was one of four players to be shot for second, along with Shane Lawry (67), Richard Blaine (64) and John Murphy (67). They all played in the third round against St. Andrew.

Each player on the field will play at St. Andrew’s, Kingsburns and Carnosti – some of the most prestigious courses in Scotland – from Thursday to Saturday. Those who make the cut will return to St. Andrew in the final round.

Willt used the best of circumstances to make three birds in each of the seven openings, from 4 feet to 2, then to 5 feet, and then 10 feet to 7 feet.

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The weather was bad, but Willet was still able to complete the canal-free round. After driving the green, he placed two in the No. 10 for Berdei, and Wiltt played second-placed Daniel Gavin, who plays for Kingsburns.

Haten was still leading at that point, making four straight from No. 2, but he didn’t take another shot and made three bouts from 13 in a row.

That, along with the bovine-double bogi-double bogey finish, finally opened the door for the sixth bird, up to 3 feet.


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