Danay named new director of UW School of Energy Resources Academy News

October 4, 2021

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Kami Danay

Kami Danay is the new academic director at the Wyoming University School of Energy Resources (SER).

She oversees the curriculum, course development, and degree program. Danay is also tasked with administering accreditation reports and standards, establishing learning outcomes and assessment standards based on accreditation standards, and leading professional development efforts.

“We are delighted with Kami in her new role,” said Sally CEO Holly Krutka. She has already proved that she is incapable of managing the academic program, and we are proud of her hard work and determination to make the program a success.

Danai replaces Tim Concidin, who resigned in early September. For SER, a professor of energy economics, Conidin will return as a full-time faculty member and will continue to teach core courses in the Energy Resource Management and Development (ERMD) degree program.

“We are deeply grateful to Dr. Cosidin for his service over the past year in his administrative role, and we look forward to continuing to support and collaborate with him in his exemplary work in the classroom. An energy economy study focused on Wyoming, ”says Krutka.

As a former teacher, academic consultant and administrator, Danaye has developed leadership skills and a desire for excellence that will make her fit for the position, Krutka added.

Danay, a native of Wyoming, came to ASAS as an academic advisor in the ARMD Degree Program. Since joining the staff, Danaye has helped recruit efforts to strengthen the program, increase enthusiasm and friendship among students, and strengthen the degree and advance the program. In addition to serving as the new academic director, Danay will continue to advise current students, assist with career development and deployment, and recruit new SER students.

“I am honored to be the Academic Director for SER,” says Danay. While I was here, I discovered how unique and valuable our degree offerings are, and how they enable our graduates to engage in meaningful and profitable work in the energy sector and beyond.

Danai has developed relationships with members of the university community and SER faculty members in various USS departments. She expects to be more visible on campus and is looking forward to a new partnership for student success.

“I have seen a variety of energy professions among faculties in the SER fields and I look forward to working with our amazing teacher to continue the growth of the RMD program,” he said. “We will continue to do great things with the faculty, staff, students and graduates. Above all, we work to ensure that SER’s unique education lasts a long time in the future.

Danay holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication (2008) from the University of Idaho. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication (2010) and a doctorate in higher education (2018) from the US.

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