Daily Energy-Delta will result in a drop in oil prices a week after bidding from Biden OPEC

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Oil prices go down Oil prices have plummeted in the wake of the delta’s recession.

Both Brent, International Standards and US WTI are down for six consecutive days, trading at $ 65.87 and $ 62.95, respectively.

That means oil prices in the U.S. have risen this year, and could fall below $ 3 a gallon by the end of September or earlier. Patrick D. Han, Generous Buddy Head of Petroleum Analysis.

This development reinforces the notion that it is the time of the president Joe Bidenis it Call OPEC And his colleagues were a little strange last week to increase oil production.

“The extra oil seems unnecessary,” De Han said He told me. But we are intelligent now.

Warning signs are not new International Energy Agency only last week Planned Demand for oil will fall for the rest of this year due to the delta. With OPEC + already scheduled to restore production this month, U.S. oil prices will have to fall from time to time as pump prices fluctuate normally.

The group opposed OPEC + bidding to produce more oil than agreed in July to increase production by 400,000 barrels per month, and the market does not need more courage.

Analysts say it could even intervene to stop the slide in oil prices when it meets on September 1.

Biden can still benefit: Although silence helped to avoid left and right criticism, the president had good political reasons for calling OPEC.

The White House has been aggressive in trying to limit its political responsibility for high gas prices as it seeks to address criticism that Binden’s big spending spree is leading the country to long-term inflation.

De Haan’s call to OPEC is unheard of, but Biden could raise oil and gas prices.

“Biden has tried to estimate the price of oil, so now it may be borrowing for some reason,” he said.

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Judge rejects Trump-backed oil project The federal judge rejected the Trump administration’s permission for the Alaskan oil project because the government did not fully consider the effects of climate change and the damage it could do to polar bears.

Of Decision U.S. District Judge Sharon Gleason, Obama administration puts Biden in a difficult position.

The Binding administration has argued in favor of the Konkophilip Willow oil project at the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska in federal court, which some see as a bow to the state’s influential GOP Sen. Lisa Murkovsky.

The decision has sparked outrage among environmentalists, who have pledged to support a multi-billion-dollar project that could produce 160,000 barrels of oil a day.

Murkovsky argued that the project would help rebuild the economy of the oil-dependent state.

High pillars; Contrary to the controversial Arctic National Wildlife Sanctuary, the National Petroleum Reserve has a long history of developing 23.5 million hectares of federal land in northwestern Alaska.

But Congolese’s final investment decision was made to address court challenges as investors moved away from supporting oil projects in the Arctic, which is much faster than the rest of the world.

“It will evaluate the decision and evaluate the options available for this project,” said a spokesman for Konco Phillips.

Local groups are calling on Binden to use the court’s decision as a rallying point for the project.

Gina Macserti condemned Mantra for “above” Climate Consultant Gina McCarthy The Banden administration has further challenged its position on natural gas, and has angered environmentalists, highlighting this week’s “all of the above” strategy.

The phrase, often in support of the Obama administration’s crackdown, hoped that climate activists would be wiped out.

“The president’s plan is an all-out strategy and we are looking at every opportunity to bring renewable energy to the market as soon as possible, but we have not selected the winners. We are investing in every winner we get, ”McCarty said during a visit to the San Diego Gas and Electric Emergency Operations Center to learn how the company is trying to reduce wildfires.

McCarthy was asked if natural gas was part of the White House’s energy formula. according to Cover by San Diego Union-Tribune.

McCarthy could easily have spoken to the people. San Diego is owned by Simpara Energy, one of the largest exporters of natural gas and electricity in the United States. Benden’s administration has reflected the role of LGN in displacing coal in developing countries. But climate activists have nothing.

“In fact, McCarthy said he used the word” that “again, especially in relation to the Baiton administration’s position on fossil fuels. Completely unacceptable. During his second term in office, Obama said, “I thought we had killed all of the above … we don’t have time for this nonsense.” Revealed on Twitter David Turble, Director of Strategic Communications for Oil Transformation America

Blooming in Texas In the Permian Basin of West Texas, most of the natural gas is produced by unlicensed companies. Study Published by the local team Earthworks today.

Manufacturers in Permania deliberately burn gas for transportation when there is an excess of natural gas, unwanted oil production, inadequate pipelines or other infrastructure. Lightning mainly emits carbon, but some natural gas can escape, such as methane, and the process contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions.

How it works: The report compared the Texas Railways Commission’s licensing records to three years ago last year when a series of explosives seized by Environmental Fund cameras were detonated. Of the 227 flames, 69% to 84% may be unauthorized.

Oil companies LLL and Exxon Mobile were among the attackers, the report said. He did not have permission for any of the observed flames. Exxon had only two flame licenses.

The companies rejected the findings: Exxon spokesman He said Politician The report is “intentionally misleading” because some irregularities are free or pre-authorized by state law.

Texas has laws that flare up compared to other states, and it regularly makes exceptions to regulations governing the capture and use of fossil fuels.

Shell’s spokesman denied that the company was slipping.

EPA prohibits clopidiprose pesticides in food use: The Trump administration announced yesterday that it would reverse the Trump administration’s decision to ban the use of pesticides cloipiforms in food crops as it can cause neurological damage to children.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the EPA’s final law, which came into force within six months, should stop the use of the chemical unless the agency could ensure its safety.

Chlorophyll is a widely used pesticide that is now approved for use in more than 80 food crops. Several other countries, including the European Union and Canada, including California, Hawaii, New York, Maryland, and Oregon, have taken similar steps to curb the use of cloiparifos in food.

The Obama administration has proposed banning all use of cloiparifos, but the former EPA administrator Scott Prute He raised the issue by questioning the importance of information linking pesticides to neurological damage in children. It is already banned for home use, but will remain permitted for non-food items such as golf courses, lawns, poles and ant treatments.

Parks service is named: Biden nominated Charles Sams, A long-time natural resource manager to lead the Department of the National Park’s National Park Service, the White House said yesterday.

Sam is currently a member of the Northwest Energy and Conservation Council, according to Oregon Govt. Kate Brown, Samson to Biden (hat Tip to the ‘Aquarius’ Andrew Fredman).

The National Park Service has not had a permanent leadership in recent years. During the Trump administration, he had four managers.


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