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Dear Editor,

P.P.P. The issue of how leaders control our oil may be distorted in these days. This is reinforced by the statement “Guyana and India’s oil supply agreement” (Stabroek Business, September 3). India? What is going on here?

According to Dr. Scott B. McDonald, chief economist at the Caribbean News Global (CNG) and Smith’s chief economist and Caribbean policy consortium, “India has been trying to reach a long-term government agreement. It was rejected by Guyana in August. how? It is puzzling that the Guyana government, which boasts of such ancestral roots, fraternal relationships, and mutually beneficial arrangements, moves mountains to implement this oil supply agreement. Now, if I were an Indian leader, my printing tongue would be one of those ungrateful brothers, easily forgotten friends, partners. No one wants to read unpublished versions. We know how good India was to Guyana (vaccines, scholarships, trade) and how expensive the relationship was. We have to go back to our guides and leaders to duplicate our oil trade and a trusted partner. On what basis? And this time, who is behind the massacre? If not, if not pricing, then you have to find a way to make this deal.

We have seen how the PPP leaders were forced to remove a good man for guyana and oil control. We know who and what came to the EPA venue, even the oil-related project (and even the unrelated ones), where it stands: Let’s see what is involved here. Let us examine what can be done to protect Guyana’s interests. Instead, he is the opposite – to do as he pleases. I think the opposition will spit in the pool, go to the CCJ only to punish them for racketeering and vandalism. This is what we are here for the government and the leaders who are turning our backs on us because they are so bad, so dirty, so shameful.

your sincerely ,

GHK Lall

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