Crowley started an overseas wind training program with a lot of maritime

Massachusetts Naval Academy of Visual Arts

Published August 24, 2021 9:35 PM at

Navy Executive

Crowley Maritime and the Massachusetts Maritime Academy have announced a training partnership to help the United States grow its coastal wind energy for its growing renewable energy industry.

The first type of training and human resource development program will be tailored to the needs of the New England coastal wind industry. Although coastal winds are just beginning to hit the East Coast of the United States, they are expected to expand rapidly in the coming decades with the support of federal policymakers, state governments, oil experts and investors.

The program includes maritime safety and livelihood guidelines and is certified by a non-profit Global Wind Organization (GOOO), which sets international standards for safety training. The academy is co-ordinating with Coalition, the world’s largest provider of special education in the energy and industry sectors.

“Crowley and MMA are leaders in the marine industry, and the joint program will help us build the next generation of workers in the marine industry,” said Crowley New Energy Vice President. “This partnership will provide employees with the skills and knowledge they need, and together we will help create clean energy sources in the United States.”

Crowley, a longtime supporter of the country’s maritime academies, will continue to provide MMA cadres with scholarships, work experience, and hands-on training at the MMA campus at MMA and the newly formed Marin Campus.

Collaborating with industry leaders at MMA is critical to our program. “We are proud to work with Crowley to create jobs, especially in the coastal wind industry,” he said. Massachusetts Marine Academy. Our training and work experience will help our trainees gain valuable and important experience as they pursue careers in this growing field.

Beyond training, the Crowley / MMA Coastal Wind Industry Partnership also creates notification programs and manpower development for unknown groups, especially in Massachusetts Gateway cities – outside of Greater Boston that need economic stimulus.


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