Crossing Borders is now offering one-on-one instruction in Spanish, English, French and Arabic!

Houston, August 30, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Crossing Borders is pleased to announce the launch of our new, one-on-one language course for children and adolescents between 18 months and 10 years of age in Spanish, English, French and Arabic!

Our new one-on-one lessons are accessible from anywhere — from the comfort of your own home and from car rides to the park! This is the perfect opportunity to engage your child in a new language with a fun and structured – but flexible – curriculum across our boundaries.

Crossing borders

In the opening year – 2001 – Border Crossing owner and CEO; Elvia Taylor, Designed to provide English and Spanish language instruction for adults. For Fortune 500 companies, friends, co-workers and schools, cross-border education and language curriculum crossing borders began at her dining table!

A.D. It was in 2005 that the boundary was transformed into a small space in Elvia’s house and expanded into an institution. Houston, TX In a growing business, she hired experienced academic supervisors and created a team to guide parents and teachers to teach Spanish to preschoolers!

Over the past two decades, not only has her curriculum been widely used in education, she has now brought her program to both group classes and individual language classes.

One-to-One Private Language Lessons Behind Crossing Borders

Forget traditional language learning settings, and give your child the best language lessons that can be done anywhere! Our professional instructors work with your child using speech presentation and age-appropriate materials to begin building critical speaking and listening skills.

Our language courses are designed to take your child’s needs in an effective and fun way to learn a new language for your child.

Our approach

Each is a one-on-one session (60 minutes), and you can communicate one to five times a week with video conference technology (zoom).

Every teacher is a certified native speaker who introduces your child to interactive games, songs, and enrichment activities across a structured, dynamic and fun curriculum.

Our teachers

Crossing boundaries takes a unique approach to language learning, so our expectations for our teachers are very high. Not only do we test each of our language teachers, but we make them better at learning online and remotely.

Our teachers are certified by their country, cross-border, and must submit a university degree to be considered. As a result, not only is their language skills unique, but there is a strong effort to ensure that they have the right personality to work with children.

Crossing boundaries and then setting the age group that they both want to teach and the age at which we think they will flourish.

What else do we need? Energy and Charity are non-negotiable! In fact, we emphasize choosing our teachers based on their energy and income. Together, they must study our method and apply humorous lessons before they are hired.

Share boundaries with children in one language lessons!

Are you ready to give your child a chance to learn a new language? Crossing boundaries is the perfect solution to personal, one-on-one lessons!

Connect with Crossing Boundaries to register your child today!


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