Crolly, Massachusetts Marine Academy Establishing Coastal Wind Training

Crowley Maritime Corporation and Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA) said Tuesday they will create the first-of-its-kind training and human resource development program for the New England region’s wind power industry.

The program is certified by the Global Windows Organization (GOO), which sets international standards for safety training. The academy is co-ordinating with Coalition, the world’s largest provider of special education in the energy and industry sectors.

“Crowley and MMA are leaders in the marine industry, and the joint program will help us build the next generation of workers in the marine industry,” said Jeff Andrei, vice president of Crowley New Energy. “This partnership will provide employees with the skills and knowledge they need, and together we will help create clean energy sources in the United States.”

In addition, Crowley said it will continue to provide MMA cadres with scholarships, work experience, and hands-on training, including the Academy Campus at Bazard Bay, Mass.

Crowley Maritime Corporation and the Massachusetts Maritime Academy also plan to direct resources to create communication programs and manpower for unrepresented groups in Massachusetts Gateway.

In a separate statement, UK-based energy consultant Xodus on Tuesday said it would work with the BGS to create a manpower program designed to increase the participation of underserved populations in the coastal wind industry in Massachusetts, United States.

The $ 140,000 funding program from the Massachusetts Pure Energy Center includes a community and education engagement campaign targeting high schools and community colleges in targeted communities.

Target groups include people of color, Indigenous people, women, students in vocational education programs, the unemployed and low-income individuals.

Citing the Massachusetts Pure Energy Center report, Xodus cited the economic impact of the 1,600 megawatts overseas deployment in the offshore wind industry, which will support between 2,300 and 3,100 jobs over the next decade. Total economic impact from $ 678 to $ 805 million.

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