Critics warn of increasing carbon emissions as cryptocurrencies flood America

Environmentalists warn US leaders against adopting cryptocurrencies

Mining cryptocurrency is notoriously environmentally friendly, environmentalists say, and bitcoin is the world’s largest carbon footprint. Compared to Chile.

according to Digest Economist, A platform aimed at unintended consequences of certain digital trends, a bitcoin market uses the same amount of energy needed to move an average U.S. home over two months.

While the annual Global Carbon fingerprint cryptocurrency ethereum It is less than half bitcoin and can still be compared to the Hong Kong fingerprint. A single etheric transaction has a carbon footprint equivalent to about 200,000 visa transactions.

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Considering the growing popularity of crypto in the US, those numbers are even more alarming, and mayors of major cities such as New York and Miami are advised to approach them at crypto hotspots.

Earlier this month, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced plans to take over. The first three payment checks in bitcoinMiami Mayor Francis Suarez responded on Twitter that he would receive his next salary “100% in bitcoin.”

Of cryptocurrency conference Bitcoin 2021, the largest ever Bitcoin Bitcoin event, took place this summer in Miami and is scheduled to return for Bitcoin 2022 this spring.

Globally, people need to be aware of the environmental and climatic effects of cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, which require miners to compete for power on their blockchains, says Benjamin Jones, an economist at the University of New Mexico. He told the Guardian.. That energy comes mostly from fossil fuels, which include carbon emissions and air pollution.

Jones last year Together he prepared a paper A.D. Each $ 1 bitcoin value generated in 2018 was associated with an increase in US $ 0.49 damage to health and climate, meaning that the negative health and climate impacts of bitcoin mining were about half the value of the coin.

A collection of 70 climate, economic and racial justice groups He wrote to Congress last month Ask leaders to address the negative effects of cryptography on the environment. The results have reached American communities such as Dresden, New York, and Lake Seneca, 80 miles from the Canadian border. It sounds like a hot tub.

Formerly coal mine in Dresden converted to natural gas By 2020, this is almost ten times higher..

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