Covill threatens to disrupt oil and gas production in Brunei – News for power sector

Following the discovery of a large number of covand-19 infections on the beach in the champion field, the country’s largest source of hydrocarbons, Bruni ll l petrol measures have been taken to prevent disruptions in oil and gas production.

The latest increase in VV-19 cases since the first active case was reported in March 2020 is indicative of the first major outbreak in Brunei. Brenny gave the field bill for all crude oil production and for the export of crude oil.

“It is still too early to know the impact of the blockade on the basin, but we hope,” said Dr. Awang Haji Mohd, administrator of the Dato Seri Setia, Brunei’s Ministry of Finance and Economy. , Reports Borno Bulletin on Tuesday. However, the Minister of Energy responded to a question from The Reporter and stated that “the response was shaky and unconvincing.”

Unfortunately, a number of new infections have been reported in Brunei, directly related to oil and gas operations, including the headquarters of major oil companies such as Total Energy and others.

“Laboratory results to determine if the recent epidemic is caused by a more delicate alternative coronavirus in the Delta. Leading oil and gas producers have indicated that activities in the champion field have not been affected, but further improvements in domestic conditions will leave the IOC with little choice, except to reduce operations and enforce social distance regulations. Fitch added.

A spokesman for Brunei Petroleum (BSP) told Voice of America that necessary changes have been made to comply with restrictive health measures. “BSP’s efforts are minimal to ensure the impact of the Championship 7 or any other BSP manufacturing facility,” the spokesman added.

“Our maritime and maritime work has started with orthopedic workers. Staff turnover has been done safely and safety bubbles have been installed. To reduce the risk of VV-19 virus exposure, this is to ensure that all income-generating workers are isolated from each other. This includes isolating and testing their own employees before entering the field, as well as switching to shift patterns to ensure the safety of our employees and contractors and to ensure minimal damage to practices. ”

Brunei continues to rely heavily on the output of the championship field – the field accounts for 88% of the total annual crude oil production in Southeast Asia. A.D. By 2020, Brunei will produce 110,000 barrels of oil and 12.6 billion cubic meters of gas per day, according to BP World Statistics.

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