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The following program outlines the academic program offerings and delivery methods for Fall 2021 to Spring 2022. This will be updated when course dates are confirmed and additional courses are added. The course information section (below schedule) provides additional details on course delivery, various delivery methods, and course requirements.

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Course information

The following information lists the courses required for the various proficiency levels. Self-directed courses are available to anyone; Full NWCG approved, self-directed courses are available in the NWCG training catalog.

The physical and virtual, trainer-led trainings below are currently restricted to students affiliated with Washington State local, state, federal, or tribal fire protection agencies.

Fire Protection Type 2

Firefighter Type 2 position applies to manual personnel, engineers or helicopters, extinguishing fire and fuel management operations in extreme weather, fuel and terrain conditions.

The academy program is reviewing how NWCG will provide 2 types of fire protection courses in 2022. Updates will be posted here and in the schedule.

Fire Protection Type 1

Firefighter Type 1 Position leads a small group (usually no more than seven members) and is responsible for their safety in the wild and in designated wildfires.

  • S-131, Firefighters Type 1 (Virtual, Teacher-Guided Training)

Single property manager

Single Treasurer (Crew Boss, Motorcycle, Heavy Weapon, Fling Chief, Shot Chief and Helicopter Manager) manages resources and is responsible for the safety of wildlife and ordered fires.

The S-290 course required for a Treasurer’s Qualifications has been approved by NWCG to be delivered online via MetEd. In order to obtain DNR program and project code information, current DNR staff must have completed Academy enrollment in the online S-290 class through MetEd.

  • S-290, Medium Wildfire Fire Behavior (Self-contained) – Available via MetEd
  • S-230, Crew Boss (Virtual Source) (Virtual, Teacher-Guided Training)

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