August 17, 2021

Cornell College’s new instrumental music director, Josh Nunschwander, says it is rooted in music. He is a part of who He is, and without Him life cannot be imagined.

Josh Nuwenschwander on the piano
Instrumental Music Director Josh Nuvenschwander

He has now taken the lead at Cornell College and is ready to share that love with music lovers and music lovers.

“I’m excited about the level of music you can do with college collections and the kind of relationships you create,” said NeunSwender. I was thrilled with the depth of ideas that come with working with college students.

This Cornell Professor conducts the group and the orchestra and notes that he is planning all kinds of new music.

“I love making a lot of different composers more than the traditional Wind Band singer and orchestra singer,” he said. One of the things I see outside the door is trying to play a lot of music by the various student body representatives here.

As part of the program, he looks to the future as he embarks on new major projects at Cornell Stage.

“There is nothing more exciting than playing a piece of music that has never been heard of before and bringing it to life,” he said. “That’s my biggest passion and something I enjoy.”

From the stage, he teaches a number of courses, including a new class called Electronic Music, designed for a variety of students, including those who are not trained in music until they need professional musicians. It covers techniques for creating and beating electronic music.

“Music students have many opportunities to learn how to use electronic music as a teaching tool. Historically, music educators have truly excelled in teaching student bands, orchestras, and singers. But what do you do with students who are not there but need a musical exit? This is a great tool for our music students to learn how to reach different groups of children while they are there in schools.

While he was just starting out at Cornell here, he was not a beginner. He taught middle and high school students for many years before earning his doctorate at the University of Iowa. Josh Nuwenschwander

And before that, he was one of the young people who played music easily. Before learning to read words, Nunscher loves to tell the story of how he learned to read music.

“My grandfather was a commercial engineer, but he was a loving amateur pianist and organic. When I was 4 years old, I watched him play on the piano bench. I wondered what keys would match the notes on the page. ”

He also found the love he needed to lead in his youth, which is now his passion.

“The first time I saw a Detroit symphony was in the second grade, and I thought it would be great to have someone stand there and do all these clean things.

It is that energy and passion that he shared as he worked to inspire future music teachers, motivate students to pursue a career in music, and introduce newcomers to the world of music.

And perhaps after practicing with the Cornell Music Department, students will feel a little like NewwichWander and learn that they cannot live without music.