Controversial Line 3 Fuel Pipeline was officially launched Friday

The controversial Enbridge Energy Line 3 pipeline through North Minnesota was officially launched on Friday.

The new pipeline will be able to transport large quantities of crude oil from Canada to the Upper Lake via northern Minnesota.

Over the years, Enbridge, a Canadian company, has been raising government barriers, protests, and lawsuits for years to shut down the pipeline.

Enrique executives have long argued that a new pipeline is needed because the old one is old and in good condition. Line 3 originally replaced the pipeline, which was built in the 1960s, but about 60 years later, the company moved to Minnesota to replace it.

“Replacing Line 3 will fully address the perceived risks and reduce the risk of an emergency evacuation before an accident,” said Enbridge County Representative Eric Swanson at a June 2018 meeting of the Public Utilities Commission.

Enbridge has faced strong opposition from environmentalists and some Native Americans.

“The people of Ojibwe have opposed this project from the very beginning.

However, now with the new pipeline service, the company is still working to maintain the old pipeline.

According to Enrique spokesman Mike Fernandez, the old pipeline is owned by land.

“If the owner of that property puts the pipe in the ground, or we lift it up – there is a choice you make – and that is not the case to pick up that and obstruct anything else,” Fernandez said.

While Line 3 is officially in service, many critics continue to call for President Joe Biden to step down. However, there is no indication that the White House will intervene.

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