Controllers – LNG plant leaked natural gas, no real alarms

Senior Energy has been fined $ 2.2 million by the LNG Export Authority across the Sabine Pass from Lake Sabine, located in the name of the small port of Arthur.

The allegations stem from an investigation into several cracks in the company’s tanks in January 2018 by the U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.

In a public announcement earlier this month, the security agency said the cracks were the result of “incorrect work” and said it was “not enough” to handle the chantere tank design work.

Two of the five tanks at the Sabine Pass LNG are still closed until they get permission from the administration.

According to the agency, not only are tank designs not up-to-date, but Chenere has warned that if left unchecked, alarms could not be set up to prevent hazards.

Experts estimate that in the coming months, 825,000 cubic feet of natural gas will be released into the atmosphere around the tanks.

Chenere’s representatives said staff at the Sabine Pass LNG handled the incident and investigation properly and did not endanger staff and nearby residents.

“We have had a responsive, transparent and effective discussion with our supervisors during the investigation into the incident three years ago,” Chenere’s representatives said in a statement. Our people responded appropriately to the situation, there was no danger to our workforce or to the community, and we have made significant investments and improvements in storage tanks to further promote safe work in our facilities.

The organization and the security agency have been in regular contact since the first incident, and according to public documents, other questions and issues have been raised since the cracks were discovered.

As part of the investigation, the agency found that Chenere was not working properly to withstand the snowflakes.

This is not the first time the company has fined the valves.

The company was fined more than $ 80,000 last year for installing special valves. The company employed untrained contractors, and the maintenance workers may have been trained.

In April 2018, the valves were connected to key equipment believed to be a source of fire in the facility.

Five months ago, the agency Chenere discovered that there was a lack of proper procedures to investigate or report fires, leaks, or explosions in the factory or in the area.

The findings are the latest in a series of recent incidents that have alarmed local activists who believe the agentcie is not ready for an industrial disaster.

John Bard, a resident of Port Arthur and CEO of Port Arthur Community Action Network, said most people living near the facility or in Port Arthur still do not know about the 2018 findings.

“The city and the county are upset about not setting fire to companies and warning the public when these things happen,” Beard said.

He said the facility is under state control and is under the authority of Louisiana and local regulators, but he said Beard had neglected its proximity to Texas communities and the chances of an incident were bad for residents.

Chenerr’s case is also an example of what environmental activists want as they continue to ratify LNG facilities along the Gulf Coast.

The LNG was a trend for the industry when it first converted to shale oil from shale fields during the American Fear Revolution.

Since then, other companies have been building and proposing export facilities, including the Sabin Pass along Texas.

LNG is seen as a renewable fuel that can be used as a renewable source in the global transition. It may also be part of a future grid that will continue to use some fossil fuels.

On Thursday, Sira Club said it was pleased to see regulators holding a company accountable, but still believed the best solution would end the expansion of gas exports.

“It is clear that the massive expansion of the gas pipeline to the Gulf will be a threat to our communities and our climate,” said Rhode Hughes, senior campaign spokesman for Sierra Leone. There is no such thing as a safe broken gas plant, and these projects should never be built.

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