Consumer Energy Julie Hegdes received the Women’s Energy Maverick Award

Bloomington, Min, October 3, 2021 (PRNewswire-PRWeb) – Julie Hegedus during the 13th Annual Energy Women’s Conference: Virtual Experience June 2021.

The Maverick Award, organized by the MEA Energy Association (MEA), recognizes women leaders in the field of energy operations and engineering by promoting, connecting and strengthening women leaders. The award is given annually to a man or woman who is actively involved in the advancement of women in leadership, who knows that an organization is strong with different leadership groups, who understands the importance of women’s recognition and opportunities, and who advocates for professional development. Women, and believes in women’s full talents, abilities and organizational interests in energy operations and engineering.

Julie Hegdes A.D. She is currently the Director General of Energy Services and is the first woman in this role. Julie illustrates what it means to be a positive leader as you drive your organization to new heights.

“Julie’s leadership encourages women to reach goals that are beyond their reach and opens the way for women to achieve them,” she says. Carly Macnell, Livonia Distribution Leader in Consumer Energy. She advises women and men to test themselves and change for the better.

Hegdes’s colleagues both praised her ability to motivate them to become real people at work and how she views the opinions of individuals. “I like to see my mind grow and develop, and I am very proud of what they do,” he said. When she received it, she thanked Mavervich, who had preceded her and left three counseling statements: “If you don’t ask, you won’t get it. Teacher and trainer to pass the torch. “

“Julie is a leader who constantly promotes the potential of women in labor and engineering because she knows that the organization is better suited to diversity and diversity of activities,” she said. Mary Palkovich, Former Vice President of Power Supply at Consumer Energy and 2015 Maverick Award Winner. A female co-worker argues for virtue to ensure that opportunities are properly distributed.

“Consumer Energy Julien is a woman leader and advocate and is fortunate to have made a difference in engineering and operations,” she says. Stacey Bonnie, Vice President of Program Services at MEA.

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The MEA program is a national resource for women, natural resource and leadership development in the natural gas and electricity industry. Our mission is to prepare women for leadership roles in operations and engineering in the energy industry, where there is a huge gap today. We promote, support, and connect those who believe in high-potential leaders to create sustainable future opportunities and maximize diversity.

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