Construction is underway on the North Isscambia Solar Farm (with photo gallery) –

Gulf Power is currently working on the installation of 300,000 solar panels at the Cotton Creek Solar Energy Center in North Ismbia.

The 500-hectare site on Boggy Road will have a capacity of 75 megawatts – enough power to generate 15,000 homes and emission of free energy from 14,000 vehicles each year.

It is located west of the Ray Chapel Baptist Church, southwest of Bogia Road, between Pine Barren Road and Highway 29.

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“By installing each panel, we bring a clean, low-cost power to a more sustainable future for Florida by increasing the reliability of our customers,” said Mike Sport, vice president of Gulf Power. With every solar farm we have built, we are reducing the costs that lead to lower costs for our customers. We are reducing our carbon footprint and providing fresh air to our environment, making Northwest Florida beautiful for generations, and benefiting the local economy with hundreds of thousands of additional tax dollars.

According to Gulf Power, the project has created about 100 construction projects that will attract local skilled workers and workers who will have the opportunity to work in the innovative renewable energy industry. Some workers go to work in the area, providing economic growth through the purchase of goods and services. Golf Power said it has a large number of local counties in the county in northwest Florida, and is using local vendors as much as possible for goods and services.

When the Cotton Creek Solar Energy Center in Jackson County and the Blue Spring Solar Energy Center are completed in early 2022, they will join the Gulf Power Blue Blue Indigo Solar Energy Center in Jackson County. Cotton Creek will be the first Gulf power plant and operational center in Ismaili County.

The Gulf Power is in the process of developing a solar power center for the first city in northern Ismaili. In the same size and capacity to light another 15,000 homes, First City will be located in McDavid outside of Holland, Cox and Rock Roads.

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Drawing – Construction of Cotton Creek Solar Center in Bogia For photos for, click to enlarge.

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