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Greek philosopher Heraclius stated: “It is the only unchanging change in life.” I often feel that the changes we see today must be the most extreme in the history of the world, and I feel that many of you are the same. When I think about it, when I see Heraclitus ending in the 6th century BC, I realize that people have changed and are always practicing. Life is about change.

I have had my share of change in recent weeks. The fact that I am writing this column T&D World Magazine is proof of this.

Some of you may know me for more than 20 years if I have written articles and articles for a competitive magazine, or perhaps because I have helped organize the DISTRIBUTECH international event for many years and I have often spoken there. I have spent over 25 years writing articles, attending industry events, and literally meeting people who light up the world, and I love it. I am happy to continue doing those things in my new position as Vice President of Content at Indover Business Media. I’m not as famous as Peton Manning or Tom Brady, but I can relate to the feelings of joy, hope, uncertainty, and sadness that they felt when they left their most cherished teammates and football clubs. Other groups continue to do what they like. Those activities worked well for them, and I am sure this action will be good for me.

I am very happy to be here T&D World Group. It is a publication that I have admired and respected for many years. I am also proud to work with the talented, respected and hard-working men and women who run the Indoor energy business. But, most of all, I am happy to continue doing what I love – connect with experts and create content to inform and educate those individuals about the changes and challenges in the power supply industry.

Drivers of the electric industry change

The electric industry has undergone significant changes over the last 15 to 20 years, and that change is not slowing down. There is no denying that climate change is real, accelerating, and wreaking havoc on our world. The need to slow down climate change and change some of its effects is driving many changes in the electricity industry. This industry, as well as many others, is committed to decentralization, such as transportation, manufacturing and data mining and processing, construction and more. Many have expressed interest in meeting carbon emissions by 2050 or earlier. As a result, the race to modernize energy efficiency, transportation, electricity, renewable energy and energy storage, equipment and systems has begun. These efforts are impressive and important, but they have disrupted the power industry and created many challenges. Of course, climate change has also directly affected grid operators by creating extreme weather events that have tested and explained grid vulnerabilities.

Grid owners and operators face many challenges. They have to adapt to the forces of nature, to merge unrelated sources of origin, most of which are added to the Greek frontier, and even to most of the manpower chosen to work from home. . Technological change is not enough. Addressing these challenges requires changes in business, operations, and regulatory models.

T&D World Change Strategy

For 72 years, T&D World He provided consumers with vital information that helped them keep pace with the change and the flow of electricity, and that is unchanging. T&D World He is committed to keeping you up-to-date on the latest industry events and educating you on the latest technologies and solutions. Content written in the magazine, e-newspapers and on the website b T&D World, They are not the only ones who bring you useful information. Other media outlets include webinars, podcasts and video interviews, as well as face-to-face events such as the Utility Analysis Institute (UII). And talking about UAI, he started an online training program on electrical data analytics taught by teachers at the University of Oklahoma. He has been beaten so far. You can find out more about courses on the UAI website:

Also, in 2020, we launched a series of online events called Power Up. We continue to do so in 2021 and plan to do the same in 2022. All of the previously provided live sessions are in demand, so if you are unable to attend live streams, be sure to visit our website for more details. Free webinars that include Power Up sessions, as well as upcoming sessions.

In addition to this, we have planned new offers for you. We will provide more details about them in the coming weeks and months.

I, with all T&D World Recognize, team, that change is constant and that knowledge is an essential tool to successfully plan and manage change. We see and understand changes in the power supply industry and are committed to providing you with information in a variety of ways not only to inform and educate you, but also to ensure that your needs are met.

Again, I am very happy to be leading T&D World And the Endeavor energy content team. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to help you, please feel free to contact me.

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