‘Consciousness Discrimination’ LinkedIn is the most popular lesson

Diversity, equity, and inclusion education ranks high on LinkedIn’s most popular list. »Consciousness DiscriminationIn 2021, it was the most popular course in Stacey Gordon. In LinkedIn Education, this course highlights how “unintentional discrimination” can affect performance, relationships with coworkers, and overall productivity.

Gordon’s Anti-Discrimination Courses are joined by three more DEI courses on LinkedIn’s Top 20 list: Facing discrimination is growing between our differences By Verna Myers and Ariana Huffington, Diversity, inclusion and ownership With Pat Wadors, and Communication about cultural emotional issues By Daisy Lovevelas. (LinkedIn Education has made the top 20 courses free Until October 15.)

The assassination of George Floyd of the Minneapolis Police Department has rekindled discussions about institutional racism and anti-racism, particularly at work.

With more than a year of protests over the Black Summer over the summer of 2020, this LinkedIn learning curve is an indication of continued organizational interest in the DEI.

I was concerned that after 2020, the focus would be on reducing it. However, the fact that the top courses include discussions about DI shows how much attention is being paid to it now and how not fast, ”Gordon told HR Dive. In an email.

Gordon, Rework Work CEO She says she sees a way forward in terms of longevity in terms of diversity, inclusion and ownership.

Maintaining the strength and commitment of the DAI depends on the diversity, equality, and ability to integrate into the consciousness of our leaders. We have to do it in a way that does not deviate from business goals and priorities, ”Gordon said. “DAI should be part of our KPIs, part of our bonus structures and should serve as a benchmark for growth.”

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