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African Power WeekAEW) He is committed to developing a strong narrative of the role of oil and gas in promoting the future of energy in Africa. In line with this agenda — and to promote Gabon’s well-established oil and gas industry — General Manager Gabon Oil CompanyGOS), Dr. Odet Nizaba Makaya, will participate AEW 2021 in Cape Town (November 9-12) exploring the role of national oil companies (NOCs), exploration expansion and favorable regulatory environments to accelerate domestic production and related economic growth.

Oil and gas remain Africa’s eighth largest oil producer, accounting for more than 80% of revenues. The country is a remarkable resource, including two billion barrels of proven oil reserves – and aims to reduce coastal production, expand coastal exploration, revitalize existing oil fields, and stimulate foreign investment. The government is playing a more active role in the sector GOS And By 2020, Gabon is positioning itself as a leading exploration destination and a competitive African oil producer through the country’s 12th shallow and deep water licensing round.

On behalf of GOS, Dr. Makaya is committed to enhancing the role of NOCs in driving the growth of the energy sector. Of GOSIts main role is to manage the state’s flow and watershed operations, to operate hydrocarbon deposits individually or in partnership, and to oversee companies that enter into settlement and production sharing contracts. Of GOS It is committed to accelerating growth in the oil and gas industry, and aims to promote Gabon as a viable investment destination. AEW 2021

Gabon is a force to be reckoned with, not only in its vast stock and decades of industry experience, but also in recent regulatory and structural reforms. By re-establishing NOC And by introducing a new hydrocarbon code, Gabon has been able to increase the attractiveness of the oil and gas sector. In collaboration with independent projects and international oil companies (IOS), GOS Gabon’s energy sector is thriving.

Currently, GOS It operates two gas stations in the country: 6.2 million barrels of Rambo field. A gas station abandoned in 2009 due to economic reasons GOS 2014 – and the Obangie field. In addition, GOS Tullow works alongside IOCs and watershed sectors, including Energy, Perincon and Total. With a new focus on exploration and production and a streamlined hydrocarbon code that facilitates business, Gabon, with the participation of Dr. Makaya and GOS as if AEW 2021

“Representing Africa’s leading force in making decisions about Africa’s future power, AEW 2021 is committed to effective dialogue on oil and gas prices in Africa. By participating in AEW 2021 GOS The role of ANCs is to accelerate woreda activities, increase domestic production capacity, and establish competitive energy sectors on the continent. Of GOS It exemplifies how local and foreign oil companies can work together to accelerate the growth of African countries from Gabon, ”he said.

Meanwhile, the country has attracted international investment and the participation of world oil experts, despite recent breakthroughs in the revised hydrocarbon code designed to make Gabon’s basin sector more liberal and provide new financial incentives for young people. In particular, the law will improve capital and technology injection in the oil and gas industry by updating the framework and creating a conducive environment for investors. AEW A.D. Representing Gabon in Cape Town in 2021, it will provide a great network of opportunities to create global partnerships and promote successes. GOS And accelerate Gabon’s hydrocarbon success. As African oil and gas markets compete for investment in reduced capital expenditures, Gabon has implemented effective reforms that will strengthen the country’s reputation as one of Africa’s leading oil and gas markets.

The Gabonese energy industry is being driven by both GOS And various regional and international oil majors. Prominent Participants Perinco, Tullow Oil PLC In addition to showing the state of control in the country and the achievements achieved GOS, AEW 2021 provides an excellent platform for investors, interested stakeholders and both regional and international oil and gas companies to participate and reach an agreement in Gabon.

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Competes with Major – Gabon Oil Company Holds Africa Energy Week in Cape Town, Emphasizes Its Role in Africa’s National Petroleum Companies?
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