Companies from Russia Rosneft to Airport Operators queue to train staff at ONGC

Energy companies from Russia and France to Indian airport operators are queuing up to train staff at firefighting and disaster management at the state-owned OngC Training Institute. Russia’s Reneff, France’s general, domestic power giants, and oil, private companies such as airport operators GMR and the Indian Airports Authority (AI) are among those on the long list of clients who have trained their staff at the facility for some time. Petroleum Safety, Health and Environmental Management (IPHMS), Atul Garg, the head and executive director of ONGC, said.

After the outbreak, the institute, which closed the physical training module, resumed physical training a month and a half later.

We have a backyard staff that needs training on issues such as marine survival. “To begin with, we will provide training for ONC staff and then look at meeting industry needs,” he said.

The institute offers a wide range of courses ranging from basic firefighting training and environmental management to bleeding control and emergency management.

The spacious campus in Goa contains hostels and real-life equipment.

“The institute includes real-life revitalizations such as oil and gas pipelines, fire warehouses and tanks, water well explosions and helicopters. Workers are trained in fire control and rescue in various loads. Filter, gas field, pipeline and storage depot, ”he said.

From fire safety management to incidents and accidents, from firefighters course to firefighters, search and rescue in smoke-filled rooms, from helicopter landing support to life at sea, the institute provides general training.

He said special courses such as crane operators’ safety, incident investigation and oil spill management will be provided, and the institute is recognized by international bodies.

Launched two decades later with the aim of providing legal and risk management training to employees of the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONCCC), IPSHEM has gained popularity not only among its peers but also in the industry in the field of fire training.

AIA and other airport operators in Mumbai, such as the airport, have sent firefighters to train their staff. We have many other questions but we could not train because of the epidemic. Now when the institute reopens, we will start first. Clear the backlog of ONGC employees and hire outside staff, ”he said.

The institute will train foreign workers and will be close to 1 million rubles in 2019-20.

OPC workers in the oil and gas sector are required to receive safety training every four years. For them, the institute provides rescue and relief at sea and at sea.

The institute has so far trained more than 78,000 staff.

According to Garg, the institute is working on coastal environmental protection, including seawater and silt analysis.

He said the institute has planned a 120 million quarter expansion plan to create a 72-room new hostel and develop new fire safety modules.


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