Committee to vote on the Caliphate flow

The House Natural Resources Committee will vote on a pair of bills to address offshore oil and gas drilling in response to the recent oil spill on California’s coast.

In addition, beach leaks caused by cracked pipelines will be the basis for a hearing before the Energy and Minerals Subcommittee this week.Energy Electric, October 5).

“There are a lot of risks for the industry to operate without penalty and to avoid responsibility for its consequences,” said Natural Resources Chairman Raul Grijalva (de-Ariz) in a statement. week.

“This committee is working hard to protect our beaches and the communities they trust,” he said.

The committee will meet tomorrow, raising part of public land and energy bills, including the two overseas oil reform proposals introduced earlier this year.

Requires the Office of Safety and Environmental Protection to update pipeline safety regulations, including Real Julia Brownley (D-California), “Coastal Pipeline Safety Law,” HR 2643, and Sewerage Systems and Regular Inspections.

A report released by the Office of Public Accountability in the spring: At the request of Alan Lowtal (California), chairman of the Grijalva and Energy and Minerals Sub-Committee, warns of a more stable regulatory framework. Over the past few decades, more than 18,000 miles of pipelines have been allowed in the Gulf.

The second debt to be marked tomorrow is the “Coastal Accountability Act” HR 570 introduced by the Republican Donald Makeshin (D-VA). He wants coastal pirates to report inside when their critical security systems fail. Then an internal section is needed for those reports to be made public.

The Energy and Minerals Tribunal on Thursday addressed the issue of “abandoned coastal oil and gas infrastructure and the need for strong federal oversight.”

As part of a broader debate on the future of the Federal Oil and Natural Gas Program, coastal oil and gas development has appeared on the committee several times this year. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections.

The committee was limiting its focus when passing provisions in the Reconciliation Package. The bill charges annual fees for offshore pipeline operators and prevents new sea leasing in federal waters in the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the eastern Gulf of Mexico.Greenwire, August 26).

California’s worst offshore oil spill in decades has strengthened democratic calls to curb the industry’s ability to operate in federal waters.E and E every day, October 5). Democrats are focused on blocking future oil and gas rental bids, although the federal government has not had oil sales off California’s coast since 1984, and development has allowed for existing rents.

Last week, Democratic Sensation. California’s Diane Feinstein and Alex Padila, as well as Oregon Ron Widen and Jeff Merkeley, and Washington’s Maria Cantel have signed a letter asking for a multi-million dollar settlement, including S8. The West Coast Ocean Protection Act “prohibits the leasing of new oil and gas off the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington.

Also on the sign agenda:

  • HR 160, Reporter Darren Soto (D-Fla.) “Restoration of the 2021 Flexible Reef Law”, re-enacting the Coral Reef Protection Act from 2000 and establishing the Coral Reef Task Force.
  • HR 442, “Southeast Alaska Regional Health Association Land Transfer Law” to authorize the transfer of property from Ripon Don Young (R-Alaska), Sitka, Alaska to Southeast Alaska Regional Health Association.
  • HR 897, “To Believe in the Aguwa Caliente Land Exchange Verification Act”, from Raphael Raul Ruiz (D-California), to benefit some of the land in California for the benefit of the Aquila Indians of the Agua Caliphte Band.
  • HR 1286, The National Heritage Corridor of the Revolutionary South Campaign of North and South Carolina (Republic of Jim Cleberin (DC)) “The Southern Campaign of the Revolution 2021
  • HR 1931, “The American American Prisoner Education Act” by The Reporter Doris Matsuy (D.-Khalif) to provide competitive scholarships for education in Japanese American prisons and to raise awareness of the importance of cultural tolerance among Japanese Americans.
  • HR 1975, “Pala Mission Indians Land Transfer Act 2021”, by Rep. Mission Indians.
  • HR 2024, “South Maryland National Heritage Environment Act” to establish the South Maryland National Heritage Site
  • HR 2074, Indian Gofa Management Law, from Yang, to help tribal governments re-establish buffalo in buffalo and buffalo habitats and on Indian soil in the United States.
  • HR 2088, “Eastern Cherokee Land reclaiming land law”, from the Czech Republic Fukshman (R-Ten.), To the West Cherokee Indians for the acquisition of certain federal lands in Tennessee.
  • HR 2107, “National Heritage Site of the National Port”. K.R. John Rutherford (R-Fla.)
  • HR 2930, Representative Theresa Leger Fernandez (DMM), “Protection of Tribal Property of the 2021 Patriotic Law”, to strengthen the protection of indigenous cultural heritage.
  • HR 3075, “Illegal Fishing and Compulsory Labor Law,” by Reporter Yared Huffman (D-California), to combat seafood slavery and illegal, unregistered or uncontrolled fishing.
  • HR 3222, “Alabama Black Belt National Heritage Environmental Law”, by Reporter Terry Sewell (D. Ala.).
  • HR 3670, “Simplifying the law of recreation” by Rip Joe Joe Nikuse (Di-Colo) to improve access to outdoor recreation using special recreational licenses on federal lands and waters.
  • HR 4881, “Old Pascua Community Land Acquisition Law” to order the Arizona Pasku Yakui tribe to take some Arizona land from the Grijava Department of the Interior.
  • HR 5221, the “Urban Indian Health Transfer Act”, and the “Indian Health Care Reform Act”, as well as the Grijava, American City Indian Conference Conference Policy with the Department of Health and Human Services.

Schedule Marking is 10am, Wednesday, October 13, via webcast.

Schedule The hearing is 12 p.m., Thursday, October 14, via Webcast.

Witnesses: TBA.

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