Columbia Gas launches plumbing replacement projects in Madison Tip. & Shiloh

Madison City-Colombia Gas recently began replacing two projects in Richland County with old, modern plastic pipes.

One project in Madison included Leigh, Duke, Lincoln Terrace and parts of Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ashland and Stewart. Workers are installing a new 10,000-foot pipeline, serving 115 customers in the city.

Other works include the estimated frontiers of Nolo (North), Main St. (South), Upper (West) and Stock (East). Work on the main St. extends slightly east and west. Workers will install a new 10,000-foot new pipeline, serving 125 customers in the village as a first class at the end of the year.

These roads in Shiloh will affect the Colombian gas pipeline project.

Work on the Madison City Project officially began last week and Shiloh has been underway since Monday, August 9. Some gas meters can also be moved.

The new plastic pipe has a number of advantages, including improved safety features and the ability to bend to ground contours when expanded and integrated with variable temperatures. Once installed, the modern system will last longer and reduce the amount of future maintenance required.

The project only needs a short break for natural gas services. Contact Colombian gas workers or contractors for short-term closure and affected customers to reschedule appointments. All employees and contractors should show their ID cards when asked by name and photo. In terms of COVID-19, staff are also following strict advice from disease control and prevention centers to keep everyone safe.

There is no additional cost to customers and Colombia Gas will recover all damaged property. Work on each project is expected to last three to four months.

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