Colorado wants to complement new renewable energy technology with Glo Park

Police Administration hopes the state of Colorado as a renewable energy hub will work with Business Park to engage technology, industry and government researchers on technology.

Global Energy Park, or “Glo Park”, is planned to be located around 100 acres next to the Golden National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The project was launched this week after a year-long series of land reclamation camps and a one-year discussion with about 50 people.

After Jefferson County Commissioners approved the proposal Tuesday, G. Yared Police said the planned office park is focused on green energy creation and “continuing to lead Colorado in clean technology.”

The Legislative Capital Development Committee also shed light on the issue.

“I think the most difficult thing is behind us, which is bringing together various state landowners, federal landowners, the county, all stakeholders around the board and the plan,” police said. And now it is ready to enter the public / private partnership stage.

The next step is to find a question from the developers on what is expected to be a national search. The process is being carried out by the State Bureau of Architects and a team of specialists will review the recommendations, said Tobin Folneider, Deputy Director General of the Department of Personnel and Administration.

“We don’t have a timeline for that yet, but we expect it to take at least two to three months to identify the best developer for the project,” Follenweider said.

Funding for the park comes mainly from private sources and is expected to provide businesses and research facilities.

Police say the project will be built on a move to renewable energy in Colorado.

“As the transition takes place in Colorado, across the country, around the world, we want more ideas to come out of Colorado, to make sure there are good jobs for Coloradans,” police added.

Gov. Lu Cordova, the governor’s adviser on efficiency and digital transformation, is working on a proposal last year. Partners include NREL, the Department of Energy, the University of Colorado Mining, the University of Colorado and the State University of Colorado.

“NREL is the only one and this is a developer dream, to build a mixed use park with NREL as an anchor.” “NREL is a closed security campus and this is an open campus, so it gives them the opportunity to collaborate with people and organizations around the world.”

Cordova said it expects the energy park to be a business inclusive and fast-paced space for collaboration and research.

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