Colonial pipeline temporarily closes some of its gas lines due to Idaho

(WJZY) – The company announced on Sunday afternoon that it had temporarily shut down some of its gas lines following the collapse of the colonial pipeline Ida.

Roads 1 and 2 from Houston, Texas to Greeninsburg, AC will be closed for safety reasons. The Colonial Pipeline is the largest oil pipeline in the United States and holds half of the oil along the eastern border.

Fuel supply has continued throughout the southeast, starting with a number of terminals along the supply route. Lines 3 and 4, the Greensborough to Linden, are operating normally.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with our neighbors and colleagues on the southern coast affected by this extreme weather event,” said Weiss Dembar, vice president of colonial plumbing. As part of our climate preparedness and response plans, we have processes in place to ensure the safety, security and integrity of our lines when necessary. ”

The pipeline was shut down earlier this year due to cyber-attacks in the southeast.

Colonial pipeline says they have an extensive emergency preparedness program for hurricanes and will implement the emergency response plan

“We know that millions of Americans, along with our customers and other businesses, will benefit from our system,” he said. We strive to be as prepared as possible for these types of weather events, with a broad and ongoing plan that prioritizes the safety of our people, our workers and contractors, and our plumbing. I am proud of our team’s preparation ahead of Ida’s landslide. ”


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