College-athletic agents, anti-cheating agents and future educational activities

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Agents for college athletes

College athletes are making a fortune on their talents. The Supreme Court ruled in June that the National College of Athletics Association’s long-standing rules restricting athletes’ benefits would violate U.S. antitrust laws. State laws have been enacted to allow students to earn a reputation.

Karen Weaver, director of the College of Athletics for Higher Leadership Program at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School, said new opportunities for students will come. How do college athletes build their labels? How can you maximize your gross income while making the most of your education?

Athletes may be interested in professional agents to help them negotiate sponsorship deals, says Dr. Weaver, a former college athlete who can help students with sports and education. Digital forums are where most athletes sell themselves, so agents need to know their personal brand online. The Supreme Court decision allows universities to provide additional education-related benefits and compensation to athletes. That means agents can help their clients broker connect to colleges – for example, getting a post-university law degree, Dr. Weaver.

Good consultants can help athletes build their wealth beyond college sports by identifying other lucrative business ventures such as media deals and entrepreneurship. “These are agents who are thinking about a long-term agreement,” said Dr. Weaver.


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