Coast Guard verifies reports of oil congestion near the October California oil spill

“Damaged pipeline area reported,” USCG wrote in Southern California Twitter Saturday afternoon. as if Update later“No oil is currently visible on the water and in the climate,” the coastguard said.

“The old Cinto glass package has been removed from the pipeline, and a new package has been installed. .

Sinto Glass is a pipeline repair product that, according to its creator, is designed to match or exceed the original pipe strength.

The October leak was caused by an amplifier power plant in Houston that was connected to an oil pipeline. Investigators speculated that a 13-inch pipeline leak could have occurred a year ago while the ship’s anchor was being pulled over the ocean floor.

A spokesman for the California Department of Fisheries and Wildlife told CNN that workers who were scheduled to work on the pipeline approached the area on Saturday to celebrate.

“Detectives carrying out the planned assessments on the line found small droplets on the Sento-glass package.

Laughlin added that there was no sunlight on Saturday afternoon, echoing the Coast Guard’s statement that a new package had been installed on the line.

The spokesman added: “The first incident was that the pipeline has been closed since October 2.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office said on Twitter that it had received a report of an oil spill off the coast of Orange County. Increase “The region is helping to respond and investigate this phenomenon.”

A Huntington Beach Police spokesman told CNN by email that he was aware of the possibility of an oil spill and was in contact with coast guard.

“As a precautionary measure, we have deployed our police helicopter and our safety boat to assess the area,” said police spokeswoman Jennifer Carey. “At this time, our firefighting equipment is ready and ready to be deployed as needed.”

California State Senator Dave Min wrote the first observations from the Coast Guard on his Twitter account and said the California Department of Fisheries and Wildlife “showed no signs of oil spill.”

“The first Shane may be related to the repair work being done on the damaged pipeline.” He wrote.

“Of course, federal and state respondents will continue to monitor the area. I will post more updates as I get it,” he added.

Violations were reported earlier this year On October 2, it happened about five miles off the coast of Huntington Beach. Orange County health officials advised residents at the time to refrain from beach activities, and advised those affected by the oil to seek medical attention.
Huntington Beach reopens beach

CNN’s Sarah Moon contributed to this report.


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