Coast Guard responds to oil spills in Gulf after hurricane Ida

U.S. Coast Guard officials said Sunday that sailors were searching for a source of oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico.

what’s happening: The Coast Guard is investigating the alleged leak of a water well in a beach drill, two miles south of Port Forton, Louisiana – the key oil industry center and destination.

Air pollution survey of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Wednesday. Photo: NOAA
  • A Coast Guard spokesman said the source of the pollution was believed to be crude oil from a Houston-based oil and gas exploration company, Talos Energy.
  • Talos said he was investigating the cause of the leak, but said in a statement to the media that it was not the source of the company’s assets.

What to look for: Coast Guard spokesman Taos said he had hired Pillar Gulf partners, outlined measures to reduce environmental impact, and decided to find the “private diving team” for the source of the contract.

  • Coast guard and partner agencies will begin recovery and initial monitoring, he said.

Note – The ski was still at sea and did not affect the Louisiana coast until Sunday morning, according to several reports.

They say – Talos will continue to work closely with the US Coast Guard and other state and federal agencies to identify the source and coordinate a successful response.

  • The company’s main focus is the safety of all employees and public and environmental protection.

Editor’s Note – This article has been updated to include details of the start of the cleanup and details of the individual diving team, the role of clear bay collaborators in response, and a NOAA photo.


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